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Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

“I have chosen your name for this perfume because nothing equals your beauty. Because I love you. My Paris.” Capturing[...]

You got me at #Blazer

Sucker for Pain – Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons One of the brands which pays a lot of[...]

What’s the thing with my new sleeve tattoo?

This whole sleeve thing started once with the Alina Ceusan Rocks Gaia party, where I needed more than a rock outfit[...]

Kowloon Tong and The Olive Dress

Today I want to bring you on the blog the latest look I wore in Hong Kong. I am wearing[...]

Hong Kong Vibes

  A couple of days ago I posted a quote “One day or Day one – you decide”, along with my[...]

A moment just for me

A few weeks ago you could find me during a shopping session, in a supermarket, striking all kind of things[...]

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