Endless Greenery, Dreaming About Mountain Summers.

Shot in the same series as Zen Garden Sunset in Zori the Brand, the beige mood continues in our second[...]

Zen Garden Sunset in Zori the Brand

Zori the Brand was introduced to me by my #finesse, Gaby, or as you might know her from the online[...]

Shooting for Elle Beauty’s September Issue featured by Spider Web Dress

Being pregnant comes with a lot of doubts and questions: can I do this, can I use that? Elle asked[...]

INFSD Office Days and a Fresh Minty Breeze

I’ve been working my whole pregnancy. Yes, I feel the need to stay active, to be creative, to be involved[...]

Lavender T-shirt and Trendy Essentials

When I think about this outfit, I think: this dress is the holy grail of pregnancy. Obviously not designed with[...]

Flamenco Red Dress and Vintage Finds

I think the best items in my wardrobe, the most worn ones and the ones that really serve as daily[...]

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