Flamenco Red Dress and Vintage Finds

Flamenco Red Dress and Vintage Finds

I think the best items in my wardrobe, the most worn ones and the ones that really serve as daily fashion inspiration, are the ones I find in second hand shops / thrift shops or online vintage boutiques. A good example in this direction are the heels I’m wearing in these photos right here. Found them on Boutique du Bucharest Instagram page and I love the fact that they bring the comfort back, really! Don’t really know when we forgot about comfort and traded it for more impossible to wear heels, and don’t get me wrong, I love my Louboutin So Kates but… sometimes it’s good to know you can look chic with a pair of heels like these…

While I know not everyone is a fan of the so called duck-shape of these heels, I think they are worth a try. With late fashion coming back in style every season I think we should give these odd shapes a try, in a totally retrofuture mood! So here I am wearing this flamenco fire red dress from Diva Charms on top of a black t-shirt, seasoned with Balenciaga eyewear, vintage heels and a classic Celine black lambskin bag (another thing that you can wear for years and years and never get bored with!). Pregnancy fashion doesn’t have to be boring and sometimes, believe me you don’t even need special items, just give you old favorites a try!

Dress Diva Charms / Shoes: Boutique du Bucharest / Tshirt: Ancira Adeon’s Soul Capturing / Balenciaga Sunglasses via Koptic / Celine Bag.


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