Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. Respect

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.  Respect

Recycle, reuse, reduce… but also rethink, reshape, respect.

The consciousness of environmental issues means believing in a responsible product innovation that makes sensible use of available resources by reducing waste whilst bringing to life unique, valuable and durable objects. It means encouraging new project pathways that choose quality, functionality and aesthetics, preferring heritage over trend and that guarantee longevity to the product.

The new HOGAN 3-R collection is made with love towards earth and the people who inhabit it and recycled materials engineered to create a product whose quality and value is higher than the original. These quintessential elements have always been integral part of hogan values.

“As a company, we have the obligation to promote innovative processes for sustainability, both environmental and social, aimed at preserving our planet and its delicate balance. An important socio-cultural shift is happening and, together with the new generations – ever so informed and engaged – we must share not only our values but also our actions. We have to be cognizant that every little step we take today will be the foundation of a better future” Andrea Della Valle, president of Hogan and vice-president of the Tod’s group.

“A powerful environmental collage” is the title of Quentin Jones’ video for Hogan. Through a dynamic narration, the British artist portrays a powerful collage of colors and nature.

The Hogan-3r sneaker upper is made of a special blend of regenerated leathers and recycled plastic and the unbelievably light outer sole is 3d printed with industrial waste materials, preventing landfill. The signature ‘h’ logo stretches across upper, sole and tread. The sneakers are complemented by a hooded trench coat in recycled wool and unisex bomber jackets to be worn over quilted shirts made with regenerated fibers and synthetic down. Oversize down jackets in water-repellent nylon and biobased polyester, both long and short, together with sweatshirts in cotton terry doubled with recycled wool and oversize fanny packs complete the offer.

The predominant white and black are the backdrop for orange, pink, yellow, purple and blue accents.


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