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The red-flag signs you may need new outfits even while working from home

Picture yourself this February, blissfully ignorant about the long and stressful road that would unfold before you once the calendar[...]

Endless Greenery, Dreaming About Mountain Summers.

Shot in the same series as Zen Garden Sunset in Zori the Brand, the beige mood continues in our second[...]

Zen Garden Sunset in Zori the Brand

Zori the Brand was introduced to me by my #finesse, Gaby, or as you might know her from the online[...]

Shooting for Elle Beauty’s September Issue featured by Spider Web Dress

Being pregnant comes with a lot of doubts and questions: can I do this, can I use that? Elle asked[...]

INFSD Office Days and a Fresh Minty Breeze

I’ve been working my whole pregnancy. Yes, I feel the need to stay active, to be creative, to be involved[...]

Lavender T-shirt and Trendy Essentials

When I think about this outfit, I think: this dress is the holy grail of pregnancy. Obviously not designed with[...]

Flamenco Red Dress and Vintage Finds

I think the best items in my wardrobe, the most worn ones and the ones that really serve as daily[...]