INFSD Office Days and a Fresh Minty Breeze

INFSD Office Days and a Fresh Minty Breeze

I’ve been working my whole pregnancy. Yes, I feel the need to stay active, to be creative, to be involved with everything going on at the office, at INFSD. This September, we’re lunching a new site for INFSD, a whole different shopping experience for you guys that hopefully you will love. We’ve been working on this project for about 6 months now and I truly hope it will enhance the way we shop for swimwear.

These days I got enchanted by this minty, tulle shirt from H&M from their trend collection. I just find it to be so fresh and feminine due to its float texture and oversized shape. I did had to adapt it to this growing belly of mine, but oh, I love the way it looks with this silk animal print dress. Anyhow, I hope this will serve as inspiration for you, when you maybe feel like you don’t have anything to wear, just give the always-forgotten section of your wardrobe: SHIRTS a try! They can make you look on point, in minutes. I’m not a big fan of shirts, so that’s why I usually ignore them but these photos are a proof of how feminine and elegant you can look in a shirt + a skirt.

H&M skirt & shirt / Polarizen Sunlasses via / Manolo Blahnik vintage shoes from / visit soon:


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