Rock x iELM and Autumn Plans

Rock x iELM and Autumn Plans

Probably the most beautiful thing when you raise your children is how you spend time with them and the simplicity of each moment.

Every day is different, every season demands something different, and in relation to the child who grows and develops, all this becomes an element of novelty in the family life.

Rock is curious, as all the other children, but I always urged him to be like this. What is this and how does it work? In the morning we make coffee together and every time I am amazed by that look full of enthusiasm, curiosity and light he has when the coffee starts to flow in the cup.

He already articulates a couple words: keke (coffee), water, papa (food), kat kat (cat), apl (apple) in addition to the already basic “mom”, “dad”, “poop” which are also aimed at someone or an action. So in the morning when we leave the room, the first thing we do together is coffee: a latte with coconut milk foam or almonds for me and just the milk foam for him. And we drink coffee at the table or at the playground.

The children’s curiosity is native, but it must be encouraged, I always explained everything to Rock from the very first days, what I do at that moment (eg mommy is doing makeup, I’m working on the computer… etc ) precisely to ignite his curiosity for everything from nature to digital, from books to audio stories, etc., and to develop his vocabulary not through infinite repetition: this is red. What color is this? Red. This is red. But rather through conversation: this is an apple, it has the color red like mama’s nails, like strawberries or the core of watermelon which are all fruits by the way, but also, RED.

I did not study any formal method but instinctively this approach seemed more appropriate. And he’s very attentive to the discussion and what I’m telling him.

The other day we went out in the park to take some pictures with the iELM jumpsuit and I saved some for the blog because, as I told you, I felt the need to come back here with more content, in writing. My outfit is entirely from About You and the boots, which are are very comfortable and very light, with fur on the inside, are from Bigiottos, a local footwear manufacturer.

Rock wears an essential jumpsuit from iELM , suitable for this time of year, when it’s cold, it’s raining, it’s windy and a pair of shoes from H&M. I took the SUV for a ride, as I like to call the leather cart from Mima Xari, and ran to the park. We spent a few moments talking about leaving for Barcelona in November and what we still have to solve until then with Gilly’s visa and we imagined the weather will be at least as good there. But I’ll tell you more about that in another article. Thanks for being here. See you soon!

Love, A.


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