Karma – I am not just a flask… I am a Brand

Karma – I am not just a flask… I am a Brand

’I am Karma and I was born from scratch. I came to existence thanks to the passion, determination, and the desire of my creators to give people a reliable flask. I am in constant evolution, trying to reach my highest potential and to provide you with a variety of products and a brand you can trust. I am here to keep your drinks at your desired temperature anytime, anywhere. You can take me with you, I am easy to carry and I will capture everyone’s attention. I was given the highest level of details since the first moment I was created, my inventors wanted me to be perfect.’’ 

Alina and Andrei are two young people with a business at the beginning of the road. After a lot of research, work, obstacles, and a serious amount of time invested, they finally managed to lay the foundation for the beginning of their first business. The goal was to bring to market a new product, with a unique and remarkable design that completely changes the boring and preconceived idea of ​​”thermos”, with temperature detection by simply touching the digital screen located at the top of the cover. Easy to transport, practically for both athletes and travelers, it can easily become the favorite accessory of any self-loving person who wants to improve their appearance.

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Our help is essential to for this project. Your contribution is needed for the growth of this project into a company, making Karma become a Brand of success. Along the way, the plan to introduce a great variety of nature-friendly products that will make customer travels more efficient, life easier and athletic performance better, all of this by keeping the environment clean and healthy. Customer satisfaction is the core of Karma’s value proposition, so the owners wanted you to benefit from a discount immediately after your first purchase. More details will be shared soon, just make sure to check the project website, it’s an experience!


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