DECO DAYS & Autumn Looks

DECO DAYS & Autumn Looks

Last week I had to honor to participate in the first event dedicated to the general public, the DECO DAYS brand Organized by Mendola Fabrics and Nobila Casa in Cluj Napoca.

After the successes of previous editions, we decided that we want to share this type of experience with the general public and bring together business, design and designers to inspire all lovers of beauty and interior design ”- Ioan Pintea – event creator, Marketing and Sales Director Mendola Fabrics.

A first attempt at a design fair for the general public, in our city, a very beautiful event that came with many creative ideas from those in the industry but also with panels of questions and answers and various discussions about DESIGN.

We participated in the Saturday morning panel and discussed the common ground of all things around us: design. Together with Mădălina Merca and Teodora from Teo’s Kitchen, we discussed the design trends in SoMe, the inspiration in interior design but also the design of our houses… The panel was moderated by Maya Raicu from Nobila Casa and was live on their page; if I’m not mistaken the live event is saved on their IGtv format on the Instagram profile @nobilacasa

This year, at the 6th edition, the event turned from a closed one – previously addressed only to business partners – into one that promised added value to the general public. Thus, interior design enthusiasts were invited to visit the fair that took place on both September 24 and 25 at BT Arena.

Ileana Raducanu – designer and moderator, Adela Parvu – interior designer and blogger, Bogdan Bob Radulescu – presenter, designers, architects, stylists and other creatives from the industry gave presentations and sustained workshops, and the public was able to participate – for the first time, a novelty in the field.

I think my favorite experience from the whole exhibition was the foray into the exhibited rooms, arranged by 5 designers, useful as inspiration for arranging my own home. Mihai Caraghiaur, Marcel Maier, Bianca Comsa, a designer appointed by competition and another surprise designer), followed the main 5 interior design trends (minimalist / modernist, natural / botanical, contemporary / urban, maximalist / colorful, glamor / vintage / classic), sent to us by Adelina Silasi, Mendola Fabrics Marketing Manager.

As in any other project relatively at the beginning of the road, they encountered all sorts of difficulties, especially in the last 48 hours before the opening of the fair, but I think that they make an event a success. for nice result to be bigger and more impactful.

I was very happy to be invited to the Nobila Casa panel and I sincerely hope you will check out their live on Instagram ✌🏼. We talked about the SoMe design trends, the correlation of interior design with everyday life, how we decorate our house and tables depending on the season, but also about how important is the role of an interior designer our personal projects.

You can find more details by accessing the web page:
Main Partner: Nobila Casa
Parteners: Hornbach, Norda Shop, Klausen Lighting,, EGGER, XT Deco, Borodi Design, Nea Garden, Moth, Botami, Luxury Aroma
Partners but also media design & architecture: Igloo Media,, The Institute, Oh!DA

The Look: Deux piece RETRO FUTURE / Viper Jelly Sandals RETRO FUTURE / Coperni bag / Vintage Shirt.


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