Destress Therapy by Szendi

Destress Therapy by Szendi

Girls, I am back with a new story on the blog today, this time it’s about the success story of a good friend of mine who recently opened a relaxation and destress massage salon here in Cluj, quite close to our office: Destress Therapy by Szendi.

I think it would be best to start with our story and how I first met Szendi. When I was still pregnant with Rock, I received a massage voucher from my godmother Inna – best gift ever – and through that voucher I had the chance to meet Szendi.

She is one of the girls specialized in massage for babies and pregnant women, so she was very helpful throughout the pregnancy but also after I gave birth, because she taught me different techniques to help Rock with the newborn cramps, techniques through which the mother and the baby are getting closer but also tips and tricks on how to perform a simple massage after the baby bath in the evening, before going to bed.

Szendi is a calm and very warm person which is probably the reason why I got attached to her and she became very dear to me. She came to my house for massage for a year and a half. Believe me, it was my favorite moment of the day when on Monday at twelve o’clock Szendi came into the house and said: Hello, I’m here! Over time I did anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, relaxation massage, volcanic stone massage… And the list could goes on.

I admit, it was comfortable for a while but there came a time when she told me she was opening her salon and we chatted I think for an hour as she massaged me about what the salon would look like, about how she imagined it should be..

I asked her at one point to come and get her massage table and take her to the salon and it was a moment when I realized that I want to go at the salon myself, knowing that it will help her more if I’m there and I’ll be able to post from her new sanctuary.

Last Friday, she opened her massage salon on Brâncuși Street number 33 in Cluj, a very simple, clean and linear place. It is in this place that Szendi awaits you day after day, together with her colleagues Alexandra & Alexandra, for massage and relaxation.

Ever since I met SZENDI, I have opted for a subscription and I actually prefer paying a larger amount of money, after which I know that I can go to the massage whenever I want. I think I will continue like this here also and I am not the only one who thinks so, precisely because her services are special and because she is a very nice person.

Leaving you below a small gallery with the pictures I took at the opening of the Salon, last Friday.


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