The Source Workshop – Bringing Romanian Contemporary Art Straight in Your Household

The Source Workshop is the first independent art editions publishing house in Romania, making remarkable contemporary art editions accessible to[...]

Redecorating the Zen Garden

Hello guys, as I promised we’re back with home updates on Youtube, these past weeks we’ve been redecorating the Zen[...]

Romanian Designers – Alexandra Sipa Making Full-On Fashion out of Discarded Wires

Discarded electrical wires. Charity shop beach towels. Surplus fabrics from Romanian factories. These are some of the materials woven together[...]


Tonight I'm bringing you here on blog another not-so-moomsy look, featuring a cropped top from My Protein, and an #ALINAxAtelierHamza wrap around skirt in neon lime. Press play for the iconic song, an enjoy. You'll find a list & detailed links below, as always.

Bel Air Maxi Dress – a summer statement #ALINAxIngridTeodosiu

Say hi to a new summer look, this overwhelming amount of silkiness will make you feel super feminine & airy these days. Kisses. Love, A.

Ioana Ciolacu Cruise 2020 Bare Necessities

Returning to essentials, Bare Necessities covers – as the name suggests – all the season’s laid-back styles we imagined one[...]

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