Zen Garden Sunset in Zori the Brand

Zen Garden Sunset in Zori the Brand

Zori the Brand was introduced to me by my #finesse, Gaby, or as you might know her from the online world, Sweet Paprika. This super minimalist top with a cut out detail made especially for your belly, comes with a floor-length beige tulle dress that gives the full look an ethereal look and feel. Loved the idea of the design, love the materials they used and the attention to details so I felt like wearing it a few weeks ago, while shooting with Ancira Adeon for some magazine projects. He came all the way from Timisoara to Cluj with some projects, and I said – well why not snap some beautiful memories for us.

More to come from these series of black white and beige dreams in the Zen garden… soon on blog!

Shoes: ALINAxJoyas Martini with an Olive Sandals / Maria Palaria Hat / Zori The Brand Dress and Top mix (also available for kids!)


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