The red-flag signs you may need new outfits even while working from home

The red-flag signs you may  need new outfits even while working from home

Picture yourself this February, blissfully ignorant about the long and stressful road that would unfold before you once the calendar did its classic flip to a new year, 2020.

Then March arrived, and the pandemic put most of those activities on hold for the indefinite future. A thought may have crossed your mind: “What’s going to fill my calendar now?”

The pandemic continues to shape the way we live, work and even the way we dress, changing the habits we once had. And truth be told, this new reality was not that bad after all. We received some flexibility, we traded the outdoor looks for comfy indoor outfits and let’s face it, sometimes we even spent a whole day in the comforting bathrobe.

The last couple of months have brought some changes, we’re now allowed to go out of the house, enjoy a nice dinner at our favorite restaurants with our friends (not all the friends at once though), maybe even re-visit the office and spend a couple of days working from there. In this context, have we updated our outfits at all? Did our online shopping carts change or are we still hunting those trousers and the same-color hoodie to fill yet another series of days spent in front of our laptops in the improvised office in our home?

Red flag number one – you surprise yourself attending meetings wearing the same attire everyday. A shirt and pajama shorts? Red flag number two – you insist on becoming a popstar hiding from paparazzi everytime you go grocery shopping. Trousers, a hoodie, oversized sneakers, sunglasses and something to cover the bad hair day. No one’s in the mood for fancy hairstyles while living, working, basically doing everything from home. Red flag number three – you can’t seem to find the right energy to put yourself in the mood like you used to – before leaving for work, going out with your friends or on a date night.

We’ve all been there, that’s why we know – there’s nothing a good song and the right mood can’t do! So go ahead, accept that brunch idea you’ve been talking about with your friends, start new projects, take on a side job/go visit the office and eat lunch with your co-workers, have a date night at home! Dress up for all these occasions and we guarantee, you’ll feel better about yourself and everything else, really. And if you need any kind of help with your outfit inspiration – we’re here to help! We prepared three outfits using the old oh-so-polyvore vibe, for three occasions you might very intentionally run into. Yes, we got you covered with the music, also. Enjoy!

Is brunch still even a thing? (of course it is and the weather still allows for outside sitting)

Listening Drake & running errands – like there’s any other way to do it

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