ALINAxCACTUS – the holiday capsule collection is here

I’m glad to share with you on the blog today the photos I took with Alex Matei and Cactus The[...]

10 Things to Try During the Holiday Season

I think when we think about holidays, the automatic enumeration that happens in our minds goes like this: Christmas tree[...]

LOOKS: Season Glitter

When it comes to getting out of the house on a really cold weather, most of the time I will[...]

Netflix & Chill: 10 picks for you

Seasoned in the sense that it is a period with short days, longer nights, Christmas trees, boiled wine, thick socks[...]

Fashion Corner: 2018’s Western Boots

Western Boots. Another trend difficult to ignore in 2018, intensely worn and equally disputed. Basically, if you are in a[...]

Fashion Radar: 2018’s Animal Prints

There are trends, seasonal ideas that sneak from the catwalks in the everyday style, and last but not least, there[...]

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