Alina for My Geisha

Alina for My Geisha

Last night My Geisha opened their 40th store, this time Cannes, France.

I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that we’ve been collaborating with the girls at My Geisha for a long time. In addition to the wonderful perfumes they create, that are long lasting and very well composed as flavors (my favorites are Powder and Musk), they also have a lot of other products that define the modern vision of femininity:

Geisha is the symbol of pure beauty, of sensuality, she is the one who best masters the art of seduction, without losing her aura of mystery, innocence, intelligence and self-confidence.

Their stores also bring to customers a selection of award-winning Asian skincare products, including brands such as Shangpree or Acoje. Each store contains at the same time a special shelf with bath and body products, with natural ingredients. But I am convinced that if you have not visited them in one of the 40 physical stores yet, you certainly know their Instagram profile @mygheisha

The girls impressed me primarily by the way they took their business to another level. They started completely and completely from another area, another industry (music), where everyone knew them as Bambi. With the online growth, many public figures have taken a step towards this area and opened various online businesses.

The girls are a good example because in just a couple of years they managed to spread the My Geisha stores around the world. But these things are not as simple as they seem. There is always a very skilled team behind everything and a lot of work, investments and lost nights…things that are often not seen. My Geisha is a brand that we work with dearly, I have many products that I like from their portfolio including the duo of vitamin C and antioxidant cream that helps you get that #glass skin, eye patches that I also used for the RF shoot (see here the latest vlog on YouTube) and finally, perfumes, as I told you the MUSK flavor is one of my favorites, knowing about it since in the days when it was just oil and now the girls have launched the perfume version that you can find here.

I’ll let you surf to their Instagram page to see more images from the Cannes launch. And if you’re there in France, you can find the store on Rue D’Antibes.

And to celebrate this occasion we also have a discount code for you, if you want to buy anything you want from their website ✌🏼the code is ALINA20 and is active from today, October 1, until Monday so enjoy shopping!

Love, A.


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