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I started writing under this motto in 2012, when I started my blog. Six years later, the motto is as lively as it was when I first wrote it in this online space, sharing it as a personal value with my online community. I am Alina Ceusan, 26, I graduated from the Communication & PR University within FSPAC, in Cluj-Napoca. My collaborations throughout this entire time include local and international brands such as NIVEA, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, L’Oreal Paris, Lee Cooper, Philips, Worldclass & many others. This blog started as an assignment during my bachelor years, naturally evolving from my genuine passion for writing, styling, creative and informative content that we need so much today, in the online environment. I had collaborations and I appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Altfel and Touch Magazine. My online contribution was widely appreciated and awareded with:
Best Fashion Blog at Elle Style Awards 2017
Best Fashion Blog at Elle Blogging Awards 2016
Digital Divas 2016 – No 1 prize at SPECIAL PROJECTS BY BLOGGERS
Digital Divas 2016 – No1 prize at BEST USE OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN BLOGGING
Best Fashion Blog at ELLE Blogging Awards 2017
Best Lifestyle Influencer on Social Media at ELLE Blogging Awards 2017
Digital Divas 2017 – no 1 at Best Facebook Page in Fashion & Beauty (Blogging)
Digital Divas 2017 – no 2 at Best Instagram Account in Fashion & Beauty (Blogging)
Digital Divas – No 1 at Best Fashion Blogs
People’s Choice Awards at Digital Divas – 4 years

With regards to my honest opinion, working as a blogger and influencer in 2018 needs to bring something good in this world. We need information and quality before anything else. We have a voice, we might as well use it to make a difference. To be the change we want to see in others. This is a sum up of what I am trying to deliver within my online platform alinaceusan.com and also through the social media channels where you can look me up.
Recently, I also started creating recurrent video content under the #AcBeautyMondays hashtag. If you’re in for some beauty and on point pieces of advice, check this link. Nevertheless, writing remains my all time favorite, which means that I will be seeing you here, on the blog, on a daily basis.

Alina Ceusan
Alina Ceusan


PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Digital Divas 2015

PEOPLE’S CHOICE Intel – Digital Divas 2014

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Digital Divas 2013

Best Instagram Account – 3rd place, Digital Divas 2014

Best Instagram Account of 2015, Digital Divas

FTV – Best Fashion Blogger of the Year, 2013

Best Beauty Blog – 3rd place – Digital Divas 2013

Best Fashion Blog – 3rd place – Digital Divas 2015

Working with me:

English Translations: Irina Adumitracesei

Photographers: Emil Costrut, Anca Cheregi, Carmen Grebenisan.

Video: Costin Marian, Emil Costrut, Carmen Grebenisan.

Hair and Makeup: Vestige Centre Ville

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