“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” #TrashTheTrash.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” #TrashTheTrash.

Today I picked up all the garbage behind my block – the place where I grew up, the place I was disappointed to see now, in such condition. In two or three hours I managed – together with my sister, @ceusancarla – to collect three bags of garbage: bottles and boxes, packs, plastic straw, cigarettes and juice. Even if this is not the solution – education should be – I think it’s vital to get involved in such campaigns with all our forces so, without further ado, on September 15 we invite you to join us – in Cluj, in Mures, in Bucharest, across the country, to clean up  Romania. Yes, I also accepted the  #CleanRomaniaChallenge  from @ioanagrama and now I passed it further to @sweetpaprikaro @madalinamerca and @catalinagramajojo. I think the spirit in which we were raised is really important and I remember at one point mentioning in a comment that both me and my sister were encouraged by parents to throw the garbage in the trash cans and despite the lack of cans in our neighbourhood, we used to bring home whatever needed to be thrown away, just to use the trash can we had in house. After all, it’s sad to live in such a beautiful country, but full of waste – chips, plastic and garbage.

If you have arrived to a place where you can relax in nature and also take a picture – now is the time to do one, even with garbage in your hand. After that, feel free to post it online using the hashtag #TrashTheTrash. We do not take this initiative only today or just for likes as some said, we do it every day, and that makes the difference between those who understand the responsibility they have for the environment and the ones who don’t. First, we don’t throw stuff randomly. You smoke? Your stuff, your problem, just don’t throw the cigarettes left on the floor, assume your habbit, walk with a portable ashtray after you, or smoke quietly in the specially arranged places. Have you finished your snack? Take the paper bag to the first garbage can. Secondly, if I get somewhere in the wild and see garbage, I gather it. I have done this many times, but as Sânziana also said, if we don’t say it (that we do this offline but we don’t post about it) online how else can we promote this movement? I loved the challenge launched by Sânziana Negru – #CleanRomaniaChallenge – because we have plenty of challenges that don’t do nothing these days. You don’t have to tag anyone, what we are doing here is more like a challenge between us, each  influencer involved is aware of this need for education, of this need for cleanliness and influence from this point of view. Of course it’s not just about clothes. It’s about being human. Only through the power of example, through education, information and encouragement, we can do something. Ditch the fucking hate, trash the fucking trash, do good. Be the kind of person you would like to meet. Press play:

Follow @letsdoitromania for more info about what happens on the 15th of September  ✌? If I already have you involved by now – Let’s do this. #LetsDoItRomania#CuratenieGenerala #TrashTheTrash.  Sign in: 15.09.2018 – https://letsdoitromania.ro. USE the hashtag #TrashTheTrash -take a snap wherever you see garbage and work on collecting it, posting the adventure on Instagram/Facebook using the hashtags #TrashTheTrash, #LetsDoItRomania. The photos will be shown in an expo- but it’s not about this now, let’s focus on this offline problem which affects us all


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