“That’s the kind of emotion I’m looking for” Luminata by AVON

“That’s the kind of emotion I’m looking for” Luminata by AVON

I’m glad to be able to share with you today a new video that I made in collaboration with AVON, it’s a project I grew really fond of and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much. The olfactory challenges of this kind are those that inspire me a lot on the video side because I like to work with flavors and frames – with that being said, I hope you’ll like the story behind this perfume.


The video celebrates the launch of the new Luminata by AVON perfume and speaks precisely about that special state that a perfume can give you. A moment that takes you back in time, a distracted emotion, but also how we interpret emotions in a conversation.

The creator of this perfume is Maurice Roucel, who also created Envy by Gucci, L’Instant de Guerlain or Dans Tes Bras for Federico Malle. The Luminata is part of the floral-green-wood category – it’s a fascinating combination of white peony, vanilla and pear, which promises to make the most of your beauty – femininity, attraction and confidence. The new fragrance is available starting today in the AVON brochure and online on avon.ro (click here).

Top notes: pear, green leaves, raspberry. Middle notes: magnolia, white peony, iris. Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, whitewood, musk.


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