My Essentials: Primer, Foundation, Concealer.

My Essentials: Primer, Foundation,  Concealer.

I had to be short and to the point with this one, but I just have to tell you this story: April 2016, Thailand, The Surin, me in a bathroom, in the middle of the jungle. A pleasant feeling of loneliness was travelling through my senses as I was constantly observing the living nature around me and the skillfulness of those people who managed to bring in just the perfect combination of vegetation and comfort. Just outside from our chalet you could hear a sharp sound which was huge in terms of performers and the beach was a real rehearsal stage…imagine hundreds of crickets singing in a choir.
As I am closing the sliding doors, my image in the mirror starts talking with me. 50 SPF and I still got my cheeks and nose sprinkled with redness. How the hell did this happen? I spilled my make up bag, I also looked through the body cosmetics bag hoping to have an instant revelation when I will find my foundation. You are right, this was a vacation and I didn’t need to be worried about this, but we had plans for dinner, I was already sun burned and the only thing I was wishing for at that particular moment was to find my foundation. So I looked again in the mirror with the most disappointed face and asked myself:
“How did this happen…of all things I could have forgotten. The foundation.”
What saved me back then was the Wycon Cosmetics palette. I have used green to blur the skin redness and a mix between two other shades as a concealer in order to get a natural and uniform look. This is the first product that never leaves my make-up bag. After the Thailand experience, for a perfect base: NYX HD Primer, Estee Lauder Double Wear or Genius 3 in 1 from L’Oreal foundation, two beauty blenders in different sizes, the powder contouring kit from NYX or the creamy one from L’Oreal – Sculpt. My favorite concealers are Sephora, Mac or Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – “No need to sleep” – love this limited quote edition.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 13.14.49.png

What I want to add:

The drops that enlighten the foundation shade, especially for my Estee Lauder –Double Wear foundation that appears to be too dark for me during this period. I swear, this is a foundation that comes with a challenge in terms of choosing the right shade, especially with all the lightning from Sephora. Eventually, I found out that I’m a 2N1 during the cold season. I took this commitment, to try and open the shade a little bit with the magical drops.
Lancome Creme Visionnaire Nuit – An oily gel cream which comes with the promise of creating a perfection effect while we are enjoying a beauty sleep. This happens during the night, of course, and helps the skin improve night after night. I have tested it in the travel size and I need it on my nightstand. 
Eyelash Curler – Because I’ve always owned some but I’ve also managed to spoil or lose them. It’s that simple. 

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