A moment just for me

A moment just for me

A few weeks ago you could find me during a shopping session, in a supermarket, striking all kind of things from my list while doing a slalom among people in an attempt to fill my own shopping basket and finally start dreaming about the moment I will be at home. I was longing for an embrace, silence and a curtain that could keep me safe from the city.

I had just moved some boxes in the office earlier that day and the noise in the supermarket was making me feel anxious. “We can now shop online. I cant even remember the last time I bought something offline”…these words were rolling in my head while I was marching in my Moja boots. Finally, as I reach the cosmetics shelf, I decide to take a pit stop as my shopping list on this segment was really consistent. And then I stop. The rolling basket was already leaving my sight and I was trying to keep it from leaving using my hands. There was something curious on that shelf full of shower gels which I was so familiar with. A new product from an old friend. I approach the shelf and pick it up in my hand. It’s a bath foam produced by NIVEA. What exactly am I saying here? What kept me from having this product earlier? Instinctively, I picked Cream Care- with that blue packaging with that specific Nivea fragrance reminding me about the creams that my grandmother was keeping on the top shelf of the green showcase. I remember perfectly. Without any other details, I took the foam from the shelf, added it in the basket and went home.

Clearly Raul had a curious reaction when he realized that I have yet another product that you can use in the shower, but I think he knows who lives next to him. Especially since we are talking about a product that you can use in the shower – it was the only option available out there. I have my own spa at home, in my bathroom. We all know what for a fact.

Dear readers from Bucharest, you might not see this coming, but the traffic in Cluj is anything but fun. Boring, upsetting, unbearable sometimes, not to mention the #rumour  around the subject, this part of the country can take a while in order to take turn. After a long day spent in traffic, on all kind of streets, after a really long day at the office where not all things were working as they should I was looking forward to the moment when my bathroom door will be locked and turned into a sauna, offering me a selfish moment. Airplane mode. My bathroom is my SPA area – that 1% that makes the 99% functional and that 1% that I never skip. The NIVEA bath foam is now part of my ritual. A small quantity of foam – in the size of a peach – is enough. Beyond the experience brought by this product, we are talking here about the luxuriant texture that basically feels like an embrace. What kind of embrace? I can’t tell you that, it’s something else and you have to try it on your own. Is this a product that redefined your bathing experience? I vote #YES. Because today we are officially celebrating, I have a contest prepared for you on my Facebook page.

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