How to: Overnight volume & texture

How to: Overnight volume & texture

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Hello girls, today I wanna’ tell you a few words about a new overnight efortless hair method I’ve discovered recently which works wonders for my hair (and mood). I start by washing my hair – right now I’m using Densifique from Kerastase, I apply the mask, rinse it all of and add Moroccan Oil on the ends. I will now let my hair dry by itself and avoid the heat-related damage. Before going to bed I gently braid my hair with my head turned upside down and just secure it with a bobby pin, so I don’t look like a scorpion. After I have my morning coffee, I will unbraid my hair and use the Vintage Dust volume powder from Alfaparf to give the hair even more volume & texture. And voila, I’m ready for a new day. I have everything on video on my Snapchat account (@alinaceusan) so come join me to see how it’s made. Kisses!

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