The best skin advice for your night routine #LUNAmini2

The best skin advice for your night routine #LUNAmini2


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FOREO products have recently entered my skin care routine, you learned about them in October this year when I talked you about LUNA play plus. The truth is that these revolutionary products have completely changed my skin care routine and I want to share this information with you too, because I’m sure you will love them as soon as you use them for the first time. Today I want to show you what my routine is in the evening with LUNA mini2.

Even though so far all my FOREO devices were baby pink, this time I have chosen the black version because I think it’s super classy and reminds me of the rigor that I have to take care of my skin every night. I begin my ritual by applying a cleansing gel to my face- this time I used Liquid Facial Soap from Clinique, and then set my LUNA mini2 on intensity 4 for the cheeks and eyes. Cleanse each particle in depth, then go to intensity 6 and use the larger tip brush to clean the nose. On the forehead and the chin I use the back of the device, dedicated to the oily skin (or T area, as the case may be) at intensity 7. Finally, I rinse the face with warm water and apply my Nivea night cream – Q10 Plus. The skin is cleansed and ready for the beauty sleep.


LUNA mini2 has three soft silicone bands and is now 50% larger, which means your beauty routine is getting faster. Choose one of the eight intensities that this device offers for a cleaning that suits your skin type and needs. T-Sonic pulses help eliminate 99.5% of your skin’s sebum and residues, as well as makeup and dead cells for exfoliating the skin without irritating it (LUNA mini2 produces 8,000 T-Sonic pulses per minute). The three areas of silicone brush – now and softer – cleanse the skin quickly, giving a cleaner, brighter and devoid of imperfections. I think you already know that the material from which these devices are made is an antibacterial silicone, very easy to clean and care for and is up to 35 times more hygienic than the classic face cleaning brushes.


The back side has bigger brushes for deep cleaning – especially for oily skin – or T-area, which often turns out to be harder to clean and cared for, due to the excess of sebum. Use the front to clean the cheeks, jaw and eye area. Use top brushes for precision and reach all areas of the face. Use the back area that has the largest bristles for an in-depth cleaning of the T area, for example, or for cleaning the oily skin that has sebum excess.

LUNA mini2 is 100% waterproof, so you can use it with confidence under the shower or in the tub. I like to use it in the evening when I relax and take a bath with foam and I am glad I have this opportunity and I do not have to worry about the device being damaged. Of course, it comes with a charging cable, so we no longer have the problem of the batteries and a single charging session assures up to 300 uses, which means you do not have to always have the charger on you if you make sure you already have it loaded.


97% of the users have noticed a deep-cleansed skin

97% of users noticed a finer skin

87% of users have seen a healthier skin


If you haven’t used a FOREO product so far, I have to tell you that you will see a very large difference from the first use – the skin is clean and matte after each use. For me, it has become a habit to use it every evening and morning. I like the feeling of clean skin that it gives especially when I get to rest in bed. Besides that, the fact that I start my  morning with this ritual, creates a perfect set up for the makeup which will be fixed much better – very similar to how the makeup is placed after a salon cleaning treatment. From my experience with FOREO Luna mini2, I realized that it is a product that, due to its 8 pulse intensities and three action areas, is suitable for any type of complexion. I will recommend it especially to those of you who have a mixt face or have problems with the T area, for you will see an improvement over the use.

How about you, are you ready to take this step and include the new LUNA mini2 in your skin care routine?

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