Chocolate hair? Yes, please!

Chocolate hair? Yes, please!

Look changes are beneficial because they comfort you with a fresh start. Besides that, when you change your hair color you feel like you have a new wardrobe – every outfit looks different now, the looks gets new pespectives, and you, the compliments. You already know that I have blond platinum hair for a while now period and given that this color is quite difficult to get, I don’t think I’m about to change it too soon. When it comes to experimenting with wigs though, I’m all in. Today I brought you a new look on my blog, which I obtained using a Tabia wig from


  1. The base of the wig is partially mono filament in the side of the hood, which means that the threads are inserted manually to have a very natural look, imitating the planting of the threads in the scalp.
  2. It is a 100% natural hair product, so it behaves exactly like our hair;
  3. It is adjustable, on the inside it has 2 elastic bands and several adjustment steps. Also, for better fastening, side clips can be used.
  4. Considering that it is a natural hair wig, we can use styling tools such as a hair straightener or curl to get the look we want.
  5. Tabia wig is 60 cm in lenght

Although I adjusted the length of the wig in the meantime, I expect your opinion about this ultra-fast look. Press play!

Shop the look: Tabia Wig / Cactus The Brand “My Hearts Is Nuclear” Tshirt.


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