Beauty on the go

Beauty on the go

When you’re always on the move, you tend to shrink your baggage volume, ending with packing just the essentials. From my travel care kit I never miss some essential products: day moisturizer, night cream, tonic water and cleansing disks, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil. In terms of gadgets, I never forget the manicure-pedicure kit, body moisturizer and Veet Trimmer. A new obsession – because it is very useful and easy to use.

Over the years, I’ve told you a lot about Veet’s products and how they come to meet our needs as women. Well, this year, VEET Romania aims to revolutionize the category of hair removal products by launching the Veet Sensitive Precision ™ electric trimmer – the first Veet electric device specially designed to gently remove hair from sensitive areas of your body and model your eyebrows at the same time (the device cuts hair at 0.5 mm long). I hope that my review will help you. Also, do not forget to enter my Instagram page here if you want to test this gadget beauty at home. Let’s dive in! Press play.

You already know that I am passionate about the beauty rituals you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Most of the time I choose to do this because I want to spend some time with myself, in a relaxing and comfy atmosphere. When I come to Cluj, I take care of spending a few days relaxing, doing my manicure, pedicure, taking a bath with foam and taking care of myself – it’s like a kind of SPA session at home, if you like. Now that I’ve started to travel more and more often, the Veet Sensitive Precision Trimmer is unparalleled from my baggage. The Veet Sensitive Precision beauty stylist features a blade model that does not touch the skin and allows the product to be used safely without the need for cuts. Here I also have to mention that you can take it with you in your airplane hand bag. Lama disappears, Veet remains. From the luggage, I put it in the beach bag for fast and efficient retouching, wherever I am.

The device is very easy to use, comes with an AA-type battery and two heads for small, delicate body areas – one for the bikini line and the armpit line, and one for the eyebrows. Yes, I know, the trend on the eyebrows says the wilder the better, but to give them a beautiful shape, the eyebrows need to be shortened, arranged- so I use the eyebrow tip that does its job fast – they work much faster than the tweezers. Yes, I also use the tweezers for an impeccable finish under the eyebrows but with this tiny trimmer I can remove unwanted hair with minimal effort in no time. I’ll show you how, in the video below.

Finally, I can say that YES, Veet has come to meet our needs to simplify our home beauty rituals, basically offering us more time. If you want to test this gadget, join the conversation. Leave a comment telling us where to go with this beauty gadget. The contest is running on the Instagram @ alinceusan page and on my YouTube channel at the same time, and we will extract a comment from each channel as the winner, using the site. The contest is open for three weeks from the date of posting. The winners will be announced on the Instagram page within that post. The contest is open only to Romania.

I’m thinking of Greece – on a boat.

Trimmer-ul Veet Sensitive Precision™ can be purchased on*.

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