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Golden Globes 2019: A Red Carpet Catwalk

With one week of delay, we bring you today on the blog the most acclaimed appearances from the first major[...]

Trend Report: 4 Key Styles for SS2019

Despite the growing number of designers who have begun to work actively towards producing collections with immediate availability (to keep[...]

Tips & Tricks for 2019

New Year, New Me? The end, or the beginning of each year, comes with all kinds of promises, with things we[...]

From VINYL to DEVIALET – Or The Secret Of Time Travelling

#ACHOLIDAYSERIES A few days ago I was at home – Carmen was slowly falling asleep on the couch after drinking[...]

“Tears and flowers for grandma”. Writing as form of relief or how should we react towards the inevitable – death

Separation from a dear one is always unexpected (no matter how much you mentally prepare, nothing actually prepares you enough)[...]

LOOK: Postcards from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Moments at golden hour in Tel Aviv, Israel after our first Segway beach ride evah! What I Wore: Fabtory Earring[...]

Bloggers wanted! Join me at the GLOW by dm event in Vienna

When I started this whole blog adventure, I never thought that things could evolve up to this point. I have[...]