Romanian Creative Week

Romanian Creative Week

Romanian Creative Week officially launches its online identity and aims to be the most important creative event organized in Romania, bringing all the creative industries into a spectacular week of events and launches. This year, Iasi will become for a week, and not only, the place where technology meets and enhances creativity.

The first edition of Romanian Creative Week – Romanian Fashion Week (an event with a spectacular history of more than 10 years) – will meet its best friends: architecture, performing arts, music, visual arts, advertising, new media (installations) interactive computers, virtual reality and augmented reality) and industrial design. The concept comes with the objective of facilitating the meeting between creative young people and professionals in a joint effort to promote, develop and consolidate creative industries both in the country and in the region.


In a period when not enough support is given to new talents, Romanian Fashion Week (RFW) pursues its first and most important objective, to discover and promote new creative brands. Themes proposed:

The Tent
A tent with a black box space designed for fashion shows, with a 27.5 m white podium and state-of-the-art stage technology, The Tent is the ephemeral space, located near the Palace of Culture in Iași, in the gardens of the ensemble. It will be the place where the collections of established designers will be presented alongside creative curatorial brands within the Innovative Future Platform.

Expo Hall of Fame

A retrospective of Romanian Fashion Week, with pages from the history of the 12 editions, with memorable images, clothing products from the designers archive and a visual storytelling by Ovidiu Buta, which will curate this exhibition-event, in the spectacular atrium of the Palace of Culture in Iasi. . It will be a foray into Romanian fashion and a projection into what the future of this industry can mean.

Expo Răzvan Ciobanu – In memoriam –

Răzvan Ciobanu made his debut on the Romanian Fashion Week catwalk in Iasi. It marked the route of the Romanian fashion significantly through the spectacular presentations made for his own brand, through the creative direction given to the Irina Schrotter brand for several years, as well as through prestigious projects realized with artists from different fields. This exhibition is a tribute that the designers from Romanian Fashion Week will bring to the exceptional talent of the designer Răzvan Ciobanu. Ovidiu Buta and Alina Gavrilă Borțun are the curators of this exhibition – a reminder of a unique career.

Visual Arts

Illustration of the current world through different decorative methods. The meeting place of the arts, which adds an aesthetic side to the reality.

New Media Alley

Art does not necessarily require the existence of a museum or a stage to be exhibited. It can occupy a place in our life in quite other ways. We aim to discover creativity in the digital age, the way technology enhances the imagination and the creation of emergent experiences as a result of their interaction.


“Dream Frights” is a multi-sensory experience (art, technology and senses), meant to give the viewer a complete and coherent experience, to facilitate the transposition into the universe imagined by the artist.

Artist: Alexandra Vulpe
Curator: Silvana Dulamă-Popa
Lighting: Design Alin Popa
 Creative concept: Lights & Magic

Find out more about the other categories included in the concept but also details about the exhibition program here.

Romanian Creative Week is organized by the Federation of Employers of the Creative Industries (FEPIC) – the only representative federation federation nationally active in the sector of Creative Industries in Romania. It was established in Iasi, in August 2011.

The main objective of FEPIC is to directly support the creativity and creativity. It is also important to facilitate the meeting between young creative people and already established names of Romanian creativity in a common effort to promote, develop and consolidate creative industries in Romania and in the region.


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