#StayAtHome – Our Favorite Delivery Restaurants in Cluj

#StayAtHome – Our Favorite Delivery Restaurants in Cluj

Since we’re trapped at home hiding away from #COVID19 we thought about sharing with you some of my favorite delivery places in Cluj. You can take them as trustful tips, these are restaurants with high quality products, well known for their awesome recipes. The cherry on top, the tips I’m about to share contain my very personal selections from the menu.

A couple of days ago I posted some french fried with cheese on top and a summer salad – you know, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, sunflower oil (the good one tasting like childhood memories) vinegar and spices. A delight. I smiled as you started sending me pictures of your own menu – and guess what – it was identical. Internet cravings are real people, so let’s get down to what we can order and where from + what apps or online spaces help us in these hungry initiatives (yet) ex. foodpanda, private delivery.

DEUTCHES HAUS (foodpanda) – everything is great on their menu, but in our order you will always find: pretzel with cream cheese, dry bacon, green onions and potatoes like the ones your grandmother used to spoil you with. They always arrive while still being warm, which adds to the taste, of course. We also like smoked potato soup, beef soup with dumplings, and as a bonus, anything in the desert section is good. Mimosa is the best if you find it, with lemon or strawberries, pineapple, depending on the season and season. Don’t forget about the beer, doh.

IRIS DELICE (delivery by form, on Tuesdays and Fridays they bring to your door the favorite pastry products). You’ll find the Iris people sophisticated and delicate and you can order through their website sweets for various occasions – but not just like that- these guys have collections inspired by works of art, pre-set menus, an increased attention to details and top ingredients. They recently introduced on their delivery menu, every Tuesday and Friday – a box of bread with maia, pastry, quiche with cheese, foil with chocolate, walnut and other crazy things that I can’t wait to taste. We ordered for next Tuesday. It’s always good to have good bread and some sweet treats.

ENGELS BISTRO (foodpanda, eucemananc.ro) – simple and good food we love to order and eat all the time. My favorite order from them (which you can’t find anywhere else) is the bundaskenyer – egg bread, eggplant salad (it’s super fine) and tomato salad. This is my go-to breakfast as you’ve seen maybe on one of my latest vlogs on Youtube. Other items on the menu that we also like from them: Chicken Stroganoff with mushrooms, white wine over tagliatelle, chicken breast with parmesan and fried potatoes, chicken soup with noodles (classic, I told you). Greek or belly chicken soup (for those who like this version), berry bean soup. At dessert, sweet papayas or pancakes with raisins and vanilla sauce. Delish!

EGG CETERA – subject matter experts in breakfast and eggs laid a bed you get the freedom to choose, Egg Cetera is one of the first places where we take friends from other cities to eat breakfast, or the office team, to keep them quiet and satisfied. Mmm – it’s only so much you can say. They also deliver during this period and have all the instagramable and #millenial things in the world – avocado toast with poached egg, toast with mushrooms pulled from pan with poached egg, micro plants, natural juices, fresh juices, coffee of all varieties all tasting great. I highly recommend another type of breakfast, taking a break from what you usually prepare for yourself – it looks fancy, tastes awesome and saves you time!

JUICE IT – not based in Cluj, but they also deliver 100% natural juices, cold pressed, unpasteurized, without additives, dyes and other ones (the other ones are actually preservatives). I just ordered a set last Tuesday, they arrived on Wednesday, I put them in the wine fridge and they will sit there for 2-3 days until we manage to drink them (no, we don’t do detox, we drink as part of an extra menu, for vitamins). I have been drinking them for a long time and they are extremely good because they pack you with everything you need. An example from my evening desk right now: Bux Bunny: carrot, pineapple, turmeric, lime, apple. There are also some orange and agave sip and others, green “Skinny Bitch” with cucumber, spinach, kale, celery, apple … and the list goes on. They are welcome anytime, but especially now for the vitamin diet we all need. They are a great choice for cold pressed juices as well. I want to get a Hurom soon to start preparing myself juices at home, especially from carrots and oranges, I heard the outcome is super good.

SAMSARA – the best vegetarian and raw-vegan restaurant in Cluj (it would be so cool to have it in Bucharest also, hint) – here I will start with my favorite dessert from their menu – sliced ​​raw-vegan cake with grapes and lavender – almond, cashew , grapes, turmeric, cocoa, plum, lavender essential oil, vanilla, agave syrup. It’s a killer. I know some people are not that fond of the idea of tasting floral sweets, but if you like ​​lavender, you’ll like this dessert too. Finger foods are shared, of course and here’s my personal top: Popcorn from cauliflower, eggplant salad with vegan mayonnaise, hummus with baked peppers. Then the cold vegetable soup, Thai soup and mushroom cream soup (wild, mildew). From the favorite dishes for dinner / lunch – curry with lentils and spinach (so aromatic!), Lasagna with mushrooms and spinach, or vegan chilli with rice. Wild mushroom stew with muffins and truffles because I’m a fan of anything with truffles , something I would eat non-stop. They also have super many healthy drinks you can try so go and check their menu next time you’re hungry.

TOKYO – The best Sushi Place in Cluj and the first place I went for a date with Raul, many years ago. Some of my personal favorites from this place – Sushi Boat with salmon sashimi, mushroom and vegetable tempura, salad, soup, wasabi, soy and ginger sauce, or different combinations of sushi – with salmon, octopus, avocado, shrimp, mango, spicy salmon, omelette or fish eggs (flying, not any fish). It’s a great experience to go there for dinner, especially for the staff, but now it can be just as fun to share a sushi platter with friends on an Asia Express night. Sushi cat, I think about her while writing this. By the way, did you find out that Asia Express has one more broadcast day during this time while staying at home? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 pm on Antena1. See you soon with new adventures!

Bon apetit and be patient, we’re sending positive vibes all the way from Cluj! We’ll get over this soon and we’ll get the chance to go out. In the meantime, do share with us your favorite delivery places, they will help our community with delicious ideas!



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  • Radu Alexandru, 26 March 2020 at 15:08

    That is great, Alina. I just got some new ideas of what to eat during the isolation, even if I’m not from Cluj, I’m sure i can find these in Bucharest. I’m going to the kitchen right now to try out the carrots and oranges juice. I might use some blood oranges. I’ll let you know how it turned out. Can’t wait for a new post.