Something borrowed

Something borrowed

Today I thought about how much we actually borrow from the person next to us. You know – the person with whom we spend the most time with, eventually. From gestures and mimics to certain obsessions or preferences, we are in a process of constant change. I don’t remember exactly where, but I remember reading at some point that each of us is actually a sum of all the people we’ve known so far – or a sum of those little gestures, expressions that you have heard and that have remained in your mind. Today, the table I ordered from Irene’s Furniture came to our office through one of the companies with whom they have been working for some time – Wood by Owl – who also get some beautiful burlwood and pitch items. Talking to the craftsman, I realized I was talking like my dad, who has been working with wood since forever. In other contexts – if you knew my mother – you would say I am her. I have actually become another version of her, one who is very interested in online and interested in everything related to technology. Is it because I feel always interested in finding out more, this along with all the SFs and Raul’s science and technology programs? Everything we do everyday, how we interact with others, the meetings we have, the projects we do, the movies we see, the books we read, the series we watch and the ideas we share with the ones next to us – all influence the person who we will become, tomorrow. And then, when I woke up in front of the wardrobe on a Sunday morning, looking for a warm coat to pick up on me, I said, “Why not borrow one from Raul?”

Are you bored of the jackets and coats you have in your wardrobe? Why dont you just give a quick glance at his closet – and I know you’ve heard that many times – but we’re not referring to the fact that you could steal a shirt. But you could borrow one of his jackets for a day. For a casual outfit, opt for a normal or varnished leather trousers, as I did in the photos below, or your favorite pair of jeans + sport shoes and a kit bag. A simple turtleneck or a knitted sweater is a quick option for the top. Add this coat over the entire outfit and – voilà! You have a super relaxed look that I promise you will love. In addition, his scent stays with you all day, as if you were  in a long hug. If you opt for a more edgy coat, wear it over your shoulders or with a belt on your waist. If you feel the need for a female touch, add a red lipstick. This Sunday I wore Raul’s coat from Snobbish Breakfast, a pair of pants from – extremely comfy and a pair of Nike Huarache nude. Borrow. Learn and pass on what you know, further your knowledge, further information and strength, optimism, and the desire to do things differently.

Music: Lana Del Rey – When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing

What I Wore: HIS COAT Snobbish Breakfast / Moja Patent Trousers / Sweet Paprika Latte Boy Cap / Anna Cori Suede Bag / Alexander McQueen Sunglasses MQ0098S-002 via / Manon Chemise Top / Nude Nike Huarache.


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