Why We Love The #MyPlayFurla Version of The Metropolis Bag

Why We Love The #MyPlayFurla Version of The Metropolis Bag


A few days ago, I saved a picture of Vin Diesel and The Rock looking almost identical, dressed in black shirts, both of them looking good … practically the only difference (in this picture) are the tattoos owned by The Rock and the lack of hair  at Vin Diesel. “When you and your friend hang out so much that you start to morph into the same person”.


If we were not told 10,000 times that we look alike, we were never told. “Are you sisters?” it’s the basic question of on the social media channels. “But why do you have different family names …” is another way of asking the same thing. Now that I saw this meme, I realized that things were happening. Not for nothing, someone said that you like the top five people you spend the most time with.

We are told often that we look alike, but beyond the physical appearance – where if you look closely you can see the differences (she has green eyes, mine are hazel to green, but not green, she has a more prominent jaw, me,well .. not so prominent, she has bigger breasts and lower hips, you get me) Let’s not even start talking with the tattoos. She has eight, I have four. Yes, we express ourselves the same and it is perfectly normal and logical to laugh at the same things, to react similarly and to have a language of our own because we are best friends, after all. If we decide to, we can wear black shirts as Vin Diesel and The Rock one day and make the confusion even bigger.

1,2,3. We are done!

Your best friend will legitimately have some influence over some of your decisions and yes, you can have the same color on your hair (we’ve had dozens of shades) but when you go shopping together you somehow have to differentiate somehow. Each one with her leopard, as they say. When Furla invited us to their Baneasa Shopping City store to see the new anniversary collection, we thought we would pick out the same things once again. Trust me, it’s hard to go shopping with her and who dares to say the contrary, I do not think that understands that you can only buy half of what you like. That’s because this crazy person, my best friend, chooses the same products, and then you have to negotiate in order to avoid ending up with two pairs of leather trousers, two identical long sleeve shirt, two pairs of shoes of the same size – 38 and the same sport equipment (trust me, it happens).

Find the Furla Metropolis Bag and the anniversary collection in FURLA Baneasa Shopping City, Bucharest.

Well luckily, here was not the case, we clearly drew the line between the girls’ bags that each of us likes. You’ll see below. Clearly, I have something with the leopard prints, and that’s not a novelty, while  she gave the pastels for some pearls. The beautiful part when it comes to this bag is that it comes in some basic colors that you can not get wrong (white, black, pink powder, red, beige), colors that can easily match any pattern or print. I tested for you the new #MyPlayFurla system for the Metropolis bag – a staple clamping system where you can change your overall look in just seconds. How? Well first of all, it means you have a Metropolis bag that you can upgrade with up to 20 flaps. I mean, you suddenly have twenty-one-in-one. I have chosen a white bag because this non-color matched everything. You can wear it both during the day and night. All you have to do is choose another flap for evening- ex. the elegant navy leather flap with metallic stitches and you’re ready to go. Here’s how the system works:

That time when she was me and I was her.

  1. PRO TV came to interview me about blogging at home, in Cluj Napoca. I was at the hairdresser , preparing for the shooting, while Carmen had already arrived to my home. As the team arrives, Carmen opens the door. They go like: “Alina, how are you, we came for the interview …” #WaitIAmNotAlina
  2. Carmen takes a picture at Sunwaves with someone who instinctively follows her Instagram and wants a selfie with her. Said and done. She did tag me in the photo though. Same situation occurred at the Sungate’s anniversary where someone wrote in the description (attention!) “Alina Ceausaaaan duuudes”. If I hate something in this world, it’s to see that someone misspells my name. It’s Ceusan. Deal with it. And there was Grebenisan!
  3. During the evening I hosted the Alina Ceusan Rocks Gaia party in Bucharest, I came on a motorcycle, but Carmen had arrived before me by cab. At the entrance she was told that they had been expecting her for a long time. Bromania (seriously bro ‘) thought she was me. After which they became acquainted. I got a little later.
  4. This is the last and most interesting one when someone sent an email to the address “[email protected]” – Carmen’s address. The mail sounded like this: “Hello,Alina, can you please tell me where I can find..”



Beyond the color of hair, the fact that we are often in some fun situations, I say, I think the most important thing is that we understand so well that words are often superfluous. Some gestures or glances solve any question you put between your teeth when you can not talk or when you call it “give me that” and point your finger towards the couch full of things. I do not know how she does it, but she always gives me exactly what I am looking for. The advantages of “a la carte” friendship are many, but by far the most beautiful part is that you have someone who understands you. Someone near you can shut up and feel good. Another good part of the whole scheme with the best friend is that you can actually exchange the flaps for the Furla bags. I know for sure that the one with the pearls will be needed for a festival look. And I know where I can get it from now: from Carmen’s closet.


Photos and gifs by Alex Matei / Baneasa Shopping City

Learn how many things you can fit intro the Motropolis bag (hidden track, click me)


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