"All great art is born of the metropolis."

"All great art is born of the metropolis."






Furla Metropolis Mini Satchel Bag / Furla Bag Charm / Strategia Ankle Boots / Marisa Paloma X Croitoria Picasso Feather Dress / Vintage Double Pearl Bracelet.


It happened last friday evening, I felt like it was the right time to take the new Metropolis Mini bag from Furla out for a walk. It was incredibily warm in Cluj. The entire day, actually. I was in my office, writing, editing and drawing, when suddenly, in a coffee break #wannabe on the balcony, it hit me, a ray of shine and heat that were intense enough to make me feel like summer was back in the city for the afternoon.
Truth be told, we surely did have a crazy summer, with dozens of things to do, we worked hard, we traveled and we didn’t have the chance to actually enjoy those moments that we were craving for: Tarnita days on the lake, beach, music, tan, party. It was all about the #WorkWorkWorkWorkWorkWork.We only got to spend some quality time on the lake during two visits, for God’s sake! But anyway, we did enjoy some moments together, we talked about Ibiza, about the New Year’s Eve (we’re sailing to warmer lands), we looked into the latest editions of Elle, Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar and we also planned some trips for the blog. And speaking of Glamour, you can see here who are the 10 girls from my team. Soon more on this subject. Just keep in mine that we’ll meet again. On the 19th of October.


This afternoon spent with Carmen has finally ended the summer chapter. It’s October, let’s face it already. There are two months left and Christmas will ring on our doorbells. And I don’t know about you, but right after September ends, my mind makes a jump in time through the next months, making a stop in December for Christmas and the New Year. And after that, March comes along and we look forward to the spring. I went through the entire new Furla collection in their newly opened store in Baneasa Shopping City. The brand has 90 years of tradition in the luxury industry and is famous for reinterpreting the Italian lifestyle in a contemporary way. The entire collection of handbags for fall / winter 2016 comprises models in bright colors with a smart design featuring high-end leather.
And after walking you through my moods calendar, I must admit that the Metropolis bag from Furla has waken up in me some kind of nostalgia. Its solar, bright yellow color makes me think about autumn and spring at the same time, which means that it is a versatile piece that I am going to accessorize a lot within my next looks and the seasons to come. Yes, it is a tiny bag, but it looks awesome and it’s actually big enough to fit an iPhone, some sun glasses, a lipstick and the keys. Enough, as I would say. We all know how the story goes when we are faced with the challenge of leaving the house with a big bag: we end up carrying those very unnecessary things that shouldn’t belong in a bag in the first place. I kinda have a crush for the one with leather belt and handle, for the simple contrast that a yellow line can offer to a look when it’s worn cross body. It is definitely a pop of color in my wardrobe, I usually lack yellow elements, which means that you will be seeing this piece of art on a regular basis on the blog. Speaking of autumn, am I the only one who hasn’t tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte fron Starbucks? Did anyone count the calories? :))



Poze Magazin Furla-33.jpg

The new Furla collection is now available in Baneasa Shopping City


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