Wait, so now there are advanced masks for FOREO UFO? I’ve tested them all.

Wait, so now there are advanced masks for FOREO UFO? I’ve tested them all.

Wait, so now there are advanced masks for FOREO UFO? I’ve tested them all.

FOREO hits us with new types of masks – a series of advanced masks for your UFO device. We’ve tested each and every one and came back here with a quick review. Got coffee? These advanced masks look exactly like those with which UFO has accustomed us and target various skin problems such as imperfections, dilated pores, excess sebum, fine wrinkles, tired eyes, tired, dry or glowing skin.

Something worth mentioning from the start is that two out of the five new masks only work with the 2nd UFO variant, not the UFO mini (the most interesting, if you allow me – the matte one  and the special mask for eye area) – on their original names Matte Maniac  and Shimmer Freak. I’ve tested them all within a week and I’ll tell you what the effects of each one are, what type of skin they are recommended for and which are my favorites. To learn more about the UFO smart masking device, I invite you to click here and read a dedicated article.

Now, more about the five advanced masks and their superpowers.  Matte Maniac, Shimmer Freak, Glow Addict, Youth Junkie and H2O Overdose. If you have the new UFO device – the one that also appears in these photos, all the masks are compatible. I’m glad that we can now use UFOs with FOREO. The device connects via bluetooth, scans the advanced series mask bar when you use it for the first time and starts the customized treatment. Day and night masks are already implemented, but for advanced masks, you’ll need to scan the mask for the first time, after which the app will remember the specific program.

From the application you can customize your entire treatment, you can amplify one of the three colors of the UFO led, it’s like a smart “house” for your device. The device enhances the mask effect with T-sonic pulses that help the product get better in his action on the skin, with green, blue or red lights to treat various skin problems such as acne, imperfections or lack of brilliance. With cryo / thermo technology, we open or close the pores, stretch or contract the skin, obtaining either a supple effect or a warm massage, similar to a spa session.

But we’re here to talk about masks, right? We’ve prepared a brief introduction below on what each mask means and what type of skin is recommended for, in order to make your choice easier. Which are their superpowers?

Scroll along to find out

Matte Maniac  – Charcoal Infused



  1. only works with UFO (not with UFO mini)
  2. contains charcoal and lotus extract that absorb excess sebum and help you purify the skin.
  3. Matte Maniac masks are recommended for mixed skin (like me, area T) or oily skin.
  4. they smell like frsh, green stuff

Shimmer Freak – Caffeine-infused


  1. only works with UFO (not with UFO mini)
  2. contains niacinamide, caffeine and rose extract that will energize the eye area, will help diminish the bags under your eyes and will act as an antioxidant.
  3. Shimmer Freak masks are specially created for the eye area and are recommended for all skin types.
  4. they have a delicate, rose-like smell and contain a visible gloss shimmer, but very fine on the skin.

 Glow Addict – Pearl-infused


  1. works with both UFO types
  2. contains vitamin E – essential for our skin and pearl extract that illuminates the skin, giving it the natural glow, that natural, beautiful glow that we all want (not to mention I feel like every one of their 90seconds mask does this!)

  3. Glow Addict masks are recommended for tern, brilliant, tired skin.
  4. have a fresh floral smell and the mask’s color looks just like white-white.

 Youth Junkie – Collagen-infused


  1. works with both UFO types.
  2. it contains collagen, vitamin E which is essential for our skin, a regenerating and antioxidant effect thanks to the triple oil complex that nourishes the skin, giving it that natural shine.
  3. Youth Junkie masks are recommended for mature or dry skin.
  4. they have a citrus smell.

 H2O Overdose – Hyaluronic-acid-infused


  1. works with both UFO types
  2. it contains hyaluronic acid that hydrates in depth and the Aquaxil ™ 3D complex that helps the skin become hydrated in depth.
  3. overdose H2O masks are recommended for all skin types
  4. they smell like white flowers, with a touch of sweet fruit


My favorite so far is Glow Addict,, I think out of instinct I would have gone from the very beginning with this “pearl-infused” version that also contains vitamin E – the essential vitamin for skin regeneration. Although Shimmer Freak is a mask for the eye area, I wanted to use it normally on my face, just like a normal UFO usage, and to be honest, I find the device a little too big to use it strictly on the area around my eyes. FOREO we need a super mini UFO. Or something that resembles Iris™️ ️ for a more precise application. What I like is that as you connect the device to the application, you discover how each mask has a pre-set rite of action. At Shimmer Freak, for example, it’s cold and the whole treatment focuses on disinfecting, nourishing and moisturizing the sensitive area around ​​the eyes. The shimmer is somewhat useless if the makeup comes over, but I guess it’s a girly update that helps the name. Youth Junkie is again one of my favorites for the mix of collagen and vitamin, it seems to me the most nourishing of all, and that’s why it’s recommended for dry / mature skin. Again, a creamy, milky mask. I repeat, my skin is a mixed one, so I would use Matt Maniac on the T area and Youth Junkie or H2O Overdose on the rest of the face, neck and neckline (as I always extend my masks, creams and treatments – where possible – on my neck and neckline).

These are the first impressions of FOREO’s new advanced masks for UFO. Their price is 99lei / pack, and each pack contains 6 masks -all of them can be found in Douglas stores but also online here if you read this article from your laptop, at the office and in the evening when you get home you want to have more time for you and less time lost in traffic . They come to you, because everything works online now.

I just prepared a Youth Junkie treatment. I will connect the device to the application and start the program. It’s the beginning of a new week and this SPA time at my home in bed, next to the view in front of me works like a perfect tonic. I have not installed my kitchen yet, and this replaces the moment when I would normally prepare tea or coffee. Soon, I’m sure I’ll walk through the house with the device in operation, and I’ll take my H2O dose of skin until the coffee is done. Because it takes only 90 seconds! (Back with some home updates soon)

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