Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

“I have chosen your name for this perfume because nothing equals your beauty. Because I love you. My Paris.”

Capturing the spirit of intense love affairs, which gives courage to enjoy the euphoria of the moment, YSL Beauté introduces a sensational expression of how love today, inspired of course, the city of lovers, Paris – Perfume “Mon Paris”.

Experimental and instinctive by nature, unlimited by the rules, restrictions and society critics, the nowadays lover is a free spirit, revealing emotions and sexuality beyond the social constraints. Vanguard and hyper-sensual, the love affair of the millennial lover is more fluid than permanent, inspiring #freedom

Thus, “Mon Paris” is the smell of a city filled with lust, undergo a kind of obsessive love, extreme, that will take captive those who fail. It is a fragrance for those prepared to ransack the world to transcend the present and finally, to venture into a passionate love, intoxicating. And because in #darkness you can find #lightness, so you’ll find in #sweetness, some sexual attraction – only that it will be hidden under the guise of love in droplets “Mon Paris”.

The fragrance was created by three classic #timeless: Olivier Cresp – the concept of clean, fresh, vertiginous; Dora Baghriche – elegance and modern sophistication; Harry Fremont – the desire to unshackle itself by brilliance clear, floral. Guatemala, the essence of patchouli, he loves the earth tones, crude. Indonesia, a bit of ‘heart’ of patchouli, known for its spicy heat, and with musk, transforms into a unique structure that makes you feel airy, open living.

The Glass design, created by Catherine Krunas, inspired by the lavalieres drawings with the famous collar tops #pussybow, was drafted to enter among the most iconic YSL perfume bottles, perfume bottles continuing the original Parisian  legacy.


The Canadian model Crista Cober and French actor, Jérémie Laheurte play the lovers in “Mon Paris”. The photographer behind the #rulebreaking images  is American Billy Kidd, who managed  to create with the two actors a campaign that sends more and more about love.  The location: Opera Garnier in Paris, and Kidd  captured through the lens of its energy this place history-usually closed to the public, conveying a sense of dangerous and occult Opera roof with the purity and passion of the actors in this romance role play which have birth to the sharp fragrance ” Mon Paris “.

Paris is a city free of constraints. Spontaneous and intense, Paris is the eternal city of lovers, their accomplice, understanding their needs and hottest desires . More than a supporter of their love is a catalyst for this – a challenge to deepen and crazier feelings and this fragrance, “Mon Paris” by Yves Saint Laurent, is clearly a must-have of this adventure.



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