Eve Discovery – A Collection Of Stories

Eve Discovery – A Collection Of Stories

Every moment has a story. And as I told you in one of the beauty episodes at one point, each one of us is writing their own story – by what we think, what we write, how we design, the wishes that we cast into the universe, we are able to build the future brick by brick. Today I want to kidnap you for a few moments and take you to my story. Let’s discover together the new Eve Confidence and Eve Alluring fragrances released by AVON in collaboration with Eva Mendes and let them complete your worth collecting moments.

I wake up in the morning, I’m running across the street to get a coffee from Habitat and  within this few preparatory moments for the new day, I try to disconnect for a moment and feel – the sun is blowing my face, the frosted air of February squeezes my cheeks and every breath is synchronic with the music in the headphones. The smell of freshly fried coffee, the sound of the coffee machine, the milk, the sugar, the lid. Asphalt beaten by the soles in unison, the pedestrian crossing and the sound of thick heels in the background – the morning floods your senses all over the city. What I am wearing? A plaid jacket, underneath a long, long-sleeved shirt, loose, black boots and Eve Confidence – a fragrance with a dry woody scent. Eve Confidence is one of three perfumes recently launched by AVON in their Eve Discovery collection. An oriental woody perfume that comes with a lot of strength, but also keeps a bouquet of feminine, floral notes.



And then there are evenings in which I want to explore new emotions, forget about the day and spend the night on a beach. “A few more hours, and we go to Barcelona.” I say to myself as I press on the pump, and a bouquet of vapors descends into the air. My eyes are focusing on the perfume molecules in the air, and the background that remains stuck consists of three large spots of colored light, derived from traffic lights. It’s time for another moment, which I can now close in a bottle under the smell: Eve Alluring.. I put a perfume-imprinted blotter in my left pocket and close my eyes. I’m almost there …




For this kind of moment it is completely worth to disconnect and feel – with all the senses, to breathe the salty air of the sea, to feel the wet sand under you, to laugh the streets in the middle of the night. And at the moment you’ll be able to really be there, you’ll see how easily you can put it in a box of memory – and go back there anytime.

The sharpest sense when it comes to memory is the olfactory one. Nothing stimulates your memories more than a flavor caught in the wind. And then a real process begins in you that seems to catch you and steal you, like a huge hand that pulls you back and develops past memories. We returned after three months in the harbor and the city smelled the same, but the sweet flavors that meet you all the summer, are lacking and make room for a warm, moist, salty air that reminds you why you are here again.



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