All you need to know about Smart Masking with FOREO #UFO

All you need to know about Smart Masking with FOREO #UFO

Hello girls and welcome back on the blog. As  promised, I’m coming back with an edifying article about the new FOREO UFO device. I think you are already familiar with that type of face masks that you have to hold on for 20 minutes to get it done. Well, FOREO #UFO does all this work in just 90 seconds of treatment. What it is, how it works and what benefits it brings to your complexion, but also how you can use it in your daily care routine to significantly reduce your time spent in front of your eyes or in this case – laying on your back, in bed, you are about to find out right here and right now.

FOREO UFO is a smart masking device launched by the Swedish company a few weeks ago during a Las Vegas beauty convention, advertised as – just landed from space – text also written on the black box in which this small UFO comes. The device uses T-Sonic pulses to help the product (UFO-activated mask) penetrate better into the skin. What does UFO mean? UFO is the abbreviation of #UrFutureObsession, but it also makes reference to the advanced technology the device uses and its shape, which, combined with the lights and vibrations emitted, takes you to UFO.

The three-color LED light: red, green and blue helps the skin in three different ways and gives you a quick, handy treatment that you can use wherever you are. The red light has an anti-aging effect, the green one helps to smooth the skin’s color and light the skin, and the blue light – which you already know from the FOREO ESPADA episode – stimulates circulation and fights against the underlying bacteria. In other words if you have a skin prone to imperfections, I will recommend that you use the FOREO UFO device along with the blue light.

The available masks – Make My Day and Call It A Night – are clearly dedicated to the two periods of the day when your skin needs either a boost of brilliance and plumpness – in the morning either a relaxing, refreshing and nourishing mask – before sleep. I have tested both UFO-activated masks and I have to admit that although Make My Day is my favorite, Call It A Night is also not out of the question. Both masks have been carefully developed in laboratories in Korea – because yes, when we think about skin care, we automatically think of Korea.

Make My Day

Make My Day – contains hyaluronic acid and red sea grass. With an ability to maintain hydration up to 1000 times its weight, hyaluronic acid helps to produce a bright, youthful, radiant skin. Rich in antioxidants, selective reds protect the skin from pollution and help it look better, healthier.

Call It A Night

Call It A Night – contains ginseng that energizes and rebuilds skin cells for a younger and brighter look, and olive oil that nourishes and softens the skin, leaving the skin supple and nourished. Both masks exclude parabens, silicone, mineral oils, EDTA and Phenoxyethanol (appeared many years ago as an alternative to parabens) from the list of ingredients.

Along with LEDs and T-Sonic pulses, FOREO UFO uses Hyper-Infusion technology that uses natural hot and cold skin reactions to make sure you get the maximum effect from each UFO-activated mask. In addition, it charges via USB and like all other FOREO devices and it’s 100% waterproof – your only concern is to dry it before charging. I was impressed first of all by the fact that now we have at our disposal three colors of LED light, from which we get different effects (in time) on the skin – here I mention that I was already convinced of the effects of blue LED on imperfections and acne. Let’s get it straight- I’m a great fan of DIY, for a long time I’ve made my nails at home, alone, because I was running out of time – and now I have these three types of light available on the table makeup, light for which I would have gone to the dermatologist’s office … since time is very important to me, 90 seconds instead of 20 minutes will make a difference – because yes, I’ve wasted enough time last summer with face masks.

I’m happy with this device, I think it’s a good investment in the skin care routine and even if the price is somewhat higher (about 1299lei / 275euro), the results gained in the comfort of your home and on your terms will justify the price. I expect your views on this product, if you have heard of it or if you already have it on your wishlist and stay close because together with FOREO we will soon prepare a giveaway where you will be able to win a smart device for your beauty routine. Until further announcements, you can find the product in the Douglas stores chain and online, here.