Thank God It's Sunday!

Thank God It's Sunday!

Good morning lovely people, I hope my instagram post sent you here, if not, I know it’s facebook or curiosity. I found this delusional podcast on Soundcloud (I know, I know, I’m everywhere now) and I want to share it with you. So listen to this spring vibed podcast made by mathei. It’s time to think about spring and I think I will use this as background music for my spring wardrobe update, but nope, not today. Today we will stay in bed, eat chicken soup and watch old episodes of our favourite series. My sister is here for the weekend. It’s time to spend some quality time together.

P.s: I’ve got this “morning” illustration from @wonderland.junkie – you should check out that instagram profile, and also see the new board “So Kate” – obliviously about Kate Moss, on my Pinterest. I wish you all a perfect Sunday! What are your plans for today? As you can see we don’t have many ?

Love, lazy, A.


And I ALSO have 1% battery so I have to charge my mate and let it rest. Have a beautiful Sunday, where ever you are!


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