9 songs we are obsessed with right now

9 songs we are obsessed with right now

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 I’ve been listening to “Kiss it better” since last night, on repeat. It’s past midnight and I came on the terrace to write down a few words and post about the 9 songs I added to my playlist, songs I can’t get enough of. I guess you know, the kind of songs that you can listen to on and on and not get tired of them. Well, that’s been happening to me right now with these… If you’ve been following us on instagram (where, thank God, we’ve been posting a lot) you’ve already seen the paradise that Thailand has been unveiling: gorgeous temples, delicious food, a lot of sun, islands surrounded by turquoise waters and white sands that’s melting between your toes… It’s going to take a while until I’ll manage to finish all the posts I’m planning to make about this destination, however I can’t wait to start. For now, the scenery is overwhelming, we’re shooting every day and we’re posting as much as we can on social media since we want you to live this trip with us. Thailand is a must-have on the list of exotic destinations. Today we’ve been with the speed boat to the Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay. We floated in the water, gazed at the scenery and thought out loud: this is it. This is the best scenery. This is the most beautiful beach on the planet. As I was trying to figure out how tall the cliffs before me were (since we were facing them), images flashed before my eyes: images from The Beach. You have to be here to understand what I’m talking about. The water doesn’t need filters, the sun engulfs everything and we don’t need anything but more time in this wonderful place. Just plain amazing actually, since wonderful is an understatement when it comes to what we’ve seen today. And look how I couldn’t just post the playlist… P.S: Rihanna is still on repeat. What will I do? Yep, there are 9 bananas (lady finger banana) and 9 songs. The photo is from today.


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