Last weekend we took the liberty of an escape (having our photo-video equipment, a basket full of goodies, and some luggage), buckled in the rented car from Elite Cars and started driving towards the mountain Marișel, for a few days together. Let’s call it a team building, although it’s hard for us to stop from what we’re usually doing – even for a weekend. They are our team and part of everything we do online – wherever “here online” seems to be these days, because it feels like there are far too many branches on this tree. They come with us everywhere and they come have great ideas. It’s not in vain to say that teamwork brings the greatest satisfaction, because when you see how people work together for an end result, the journey has to be nothing but emotion.

 This time we went to the cabin with a purpose, namely to film a new short film for Netflix, which you will see soon on YouTube. There’s no point in telling you how much I like the idea of ​​working with Netflix, considering that I’m a fan, I’m opening and closing my day with them on the projector … but also seeing the whole story of Dracula combined with the fact that I like to express myself on video now, much more than in writing (although writing will remain my first love).

We are in a new decade and in the face of the next 10 years that will come with countless changes for everything that the online means, our behavior as a user, the importance of technology in our lives, the interaction between us, we thought we would celebrate the decade in the mountains, with no signal, as a celebration for the past times.

As we arrived at the cottage, we found a bunch of  good things ready to be posted on @ retrofuturebabe, (where I hope you are following us): video tapes, skis, gloves-of-all-time-there ready for winter, scrabble game, activity … old books and soft white towels, the smell of fire in the fireplace, the morning coffee and the unpleasant “let’s smoke a cigarette” (you know the answer from TikTok I’m sure) fresh mountain air and the overall clean atmosphere. These are all memories … ah – and the dice, I forgot the dice. It struck me as nostalgia when I saw them: two dice that looked like new, in a braided basket. I do not struggle to understand, I have seen them all until now. In all the other cottages. We are still the generation that came from the 30-position movie camera to the 500-mega iPhone or whatever, to infinite photos, that is. We are still picture or it didn’t happen, this time for memories.
I’ll leave you with some pictures with the entire INFSD swimwear wearing #ALINAxAtelierHamza, last drop. I have (finally) received products for everyone and I was just waiting to give them away. You know we’re always the ones running out of personal stock from our own brand.

I left my phone forgotten on a couch and only moved the photo device during the weekend, which I felt welcomed, increasingly welcomed especially after my experience with Asia Express where I stayed without a phone (and had no headaches) with months. We felt so good at this cottage – there’s no point explaining it. I know you wrote to us about the chalet I stayed over at Marisel over the weekend and I can tell you something about it here too, but if you want to rent it you can email us at [email protected] and we will redirect you. A good idea when it comes to cottages in Romania is, it’s looking on airbnb  for various super cool locations, hidden by mountain tops, all types of cottages, not necessarily boarding houses.

This cottage is owned by a friend, Mihai and is located in the area of ​​Mărișel, near Cluj Napoca. It has many rooms, fireplace, three bathrooms, being the ideal place for a group of 10-12 people. We left for Marisel thinking about the frames for the second project related to Dracula / Netflix. I don’t know if you remember, but at one point I was posing with Nutakiki in a forest, in the winter … well, there I needed a frame and that’s where it all started.

Winter at the cottage is magical here as in other places, but this weekend was magical for us. We worked, we relaxed, we laughed, we played new and old games, we cleaned side by side when appropriate. This is what a team does.

Both wearing INFSD Scubas, back in stock now on



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