Are you #MadeToBeDifferent?

Are you #MadeToBeDifferent?

I’m in Bucharest once again. Yesterday evening I was on the balcony thinking about three specific words. The night was dark and crisp as a globe of thin glass, a few stars were shining scattered here and there over the drowsy Bucharest. In the distance, lost in the cold air of the last days of October, a dog was barking briefly and rhythmically, while another one responded echoed and so on. A couple of months earlier, I could find myself in the exact same place and it seemed like the inspiration had been a better friend then. Obviously, I was craving for the summer, because it’s my favorite season, I was born in the summer, I live for the summer nights. And now, in an October night, Lee Cooper had asked me what makes me different, all summed up in three words. Well..the story begun in January 2012, when I created my account on Two hours later, my blog was ready to face the online world with the 1st post My blog in an evening suit. I must have anticipated the course of this online journal that took me through awesome experiences in all these years.

You have been with me starting with the first train trip from Cluj to Targu-Mures in Good morning! and Parents and students… In the summer of 2013 you traveled with me and we created a logbook: Roma, quale direztioneSicilia / Palma / Ibiza si Genova / Cinqueterre / Milano From the first Glamour Street Style Fashion Show in 2014 “Glamour Girls – Love, A.“, where I was part of the jury (and I have to confess, it’s much more fun than being a coach) to that particular train trip from Cluj to Bucharest when I wrote On the way to Bucharest. I wrote that article on the train, I can still remember the moment when it went online, later that night. Later on I was writing Bienvenido a Miami, from the apartment rented on the Ocean Drive. Having these said, if I would describe my unicity in three words, that would be: Enterprising, Rebellious, Present. With the only comment that the last word is the most important – for me this blog and my passion for writing are strongly related to the present, with everything that’s happening, specifically because I love holding the enthusiasm, the emotion and the moment in a box represented by each blog post. Enjoy the moment, live to the fullest everything that’s happening here and now because it’s the only thing that matters. A genuine emotion, a sincere conversation, a pleasant company and nothing more. You will find below the photos that we have captured together with a wonderful team back in Cluj. A big thank you to everyone at Joben that stood by our side until 5 am. I guess I am a night bird.









THE LOOKS: Lee Cooper
Phographer: Anca Cheregi  /  Video: Carmen Grebenisan / Photo assistant: Raluca Ciornea
Post Production on video: ALFIE production  / Hair: Raul Tisa – Vestige Atelier des Beaux Art / Location: Joben Bistro.



What were you dreaming to become when you were a kid? Did that dream come true? 
I wasn’t thinking back then about this blogging career. Litlle Alina would be proud of this improved version of herself. Anyway, in the first day of school, I was drawing a girl in a dress, also wearing heels. It became reality, in a way.
Lee Cooper believes that we are all #MadeToBeDifferent – describe what makes you unique in three words: 
Enterprising, Rebellious, Present.

Proust’s questionnaire


What do I appreciate the most about my friends? Honesty, empathy and optimism..

The main flaw? I’m always involving myself in all sorts of projects at the same time. This always has a positive influence over my creativity but it’s also time consuming.

 Preferred activity Writing, at night. 

How do I picture happiness? I like to think that I am living it right now.

 And now I’m asking: what makes you #MadeToBeDifferent and which are the three words that describe you the best? I’ll be waiting for your answer in the comments below.



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