ASIA EXPRESS: fears, challenges, tensions and a sneak peak behind the scenes!

ASIA EXPRESS: fears, challenges, tensions and a sneak peak behind the scenes!

What was it like in Asia Express? Fears, challenges,tensions and a sneak peak behind the scenes for show with the biggest production team on set.

Hello, fresh news are here, the new season of Asia Express has begun, a new season long awaited by the fans of the show but also by us, the competitors, who honestly forgot about what happened five months ago (five months, already?). I will not speak on behalf of everyone, but I could hardly wait to see what happened, how everything was edited (a love of mine), how the other teams went through challenges, because especially in the first episode we each had a first mission different from the others. It’s not like we were there to watch each other, because most of the time in this reality show you don’t get the chance to see the other teams, each one of us having one reporter and his cameraman along in the adventure.

It was a crazy experience, during which I hope you will be with us. Now that we see everything assembled, on the TV and we can enjoy the entertainment side, it is a whole other movie, we reap the fruits as they come even if the experience on field was  extremely hard. In the meantime, I have prepared a Youtube video in which we answered some of your questions about our experience in Asia Express. Until today’s episode starts at 8:00 pm (or resuming at 3:30 pm if you missed it) you can make yourself a coffee or tea, a popcorn (well this video is not so entertaining to eat popcorn), to sit comfortably on the sofa & ENJOY.



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  • Mirabela, 21 February 2020 at 13:14

    Thank you for sharing this article, it is very interesting to find out info form behind the scenes. Good article!