Foreo ESPADA and the benefits of blue light

Foreo ESPADA and the benefits of blue light

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It’s time for you to get acquainted with the latest skin innovation that  removes acne, at home. If you have not heard of FOREO Espada until now, let me tell you a little about my experience with this device – because I have been using it for about a month – and I got to document my recommendation for every girl who was confronted with this problem at a certain time in her life.

Blue LED light = your ultimate acne fighting weapon


FOREO Espada arrived on my beauty table a month ago. I already knew some information about the product on the internet, I had seen it at Carmen, but I was a bit skeptical about it. I wanted to record myself using it for several weeks for the beauty episode – because it seemed a very interesting topic for me and for you too, so I armed with great patience. Of course, every time I have a product in testing sessions, the situation somehow occurs that I am unable to actually test it. I waited and waited (as I never thought I would) for a pimple to rise up on my face but nothing happened, the sky was completely clear. Yep. I started to use it especially on the T area where I have an easier form of acne, namely some white points and I expected the appearance of an enemy. I already knew that blue LED light is used in dermatological studios to treat acne, but I did not expect from this device to produce any visible results. 24 hours after the first use – and when I say first use – I mean 30 seconds – not 60, or 90 how FOREO Espadacan be used on a pimple, I saw a notable difference – the redness had diminished and the swelling had decreased. From what I noticed, for small pimples you only need a 30-second application and the next day they dry up, but for bigger issues you’ll need up to three applications in two different days to see a result. Well, after all that, I’ve been able to put together a few footage that I can present to you in an episode of Beauty that you can watch on my YouTube channel. Let’s find out some details about the product and how it works.


When bacteria and dead cells are within your pores, your skin becomes red and inflamed, and the next step is the onset of acne. Causes of acne can range from genetic baggage, stress and hormonal imbalances to diet and an incorrect beauty routine. We often do not know what he cause may be. But I found the solution. ESPADA puts an end to acne before it has the chance to come out. Foreo ESPADA is recommended for light and medium forms of acne: black spots, white dots, pustules and pimples. Similarly to his sisters, LUNA, ESPADA uses T-sonic vibrations for blue light to penetrate deeper into your pores and kill bacteria responsible for many forms of acne. Blue LED light = your ultimate acne fighting weapon. The blue light beam reaches the target with the red target laser, then enters the pores, and the blue light energy attacks the bacterium underlying the acne. Each treatment session lasts 30 seconds, during which the sonic vibrations are in a crescendo of 4 in 4 seconds, after which the device alerts them to three consecutive vibrations, as the treatment on that spot has ended. Congratulations, you just completed your first Foreo ESPADA treatment.

DID YOU KNOW? ESPADA is completely wrapped in anti-bacterial, easy-to-clean silicone.

  1. The antibacterial silicone on the treatment area promises that the bacteria will not spread .
  2. Charge it once, use it up to 240 times.
  3. Recharge it with a USB cable, you can charge it to your laptop.
  4. You don’t have to buy any other product or item to replace it.
  5. You have a 2 year  general warranty and a 10 year warranty of quality (worth the investment)
  6. It’s a portable device (because acne doesn’t take vacations) that you can take with you anywhere.

 Also: 90% of users have noticed a healthier skin after 28 days of use. 100% of them noticed a cleaner skin. Three out of four users noticed a cleaner skin after a single use. I am one of them because I have been convinced by the power of this device since Day One.

Are you ready to experience a clean, acne-less skin?

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