Fashion Radar – This week’s best of on Social Media

Fashion Radar – This week’s best of on Social Media

A natural makeup and a simple hairstyle, this is how Beyonce meets us on the new cover of  Vogue  in September. Featuring the latest creations for the 2018 fall / winter collection 2018, a Louis Vuitton dress, a Wales Bonner costume and the epic floral creation made by Phil John Perry for Rebel Rebel, Beyonce talks in a sensible editorial about her life, the changes through which she has gone since she became a mother for the second time, and about the choice she made when deciding to embrace her new image as part of her genetic heritage. Truth be told, the news about the American artist and her cover for the September edition of the Vogue magazine has spread  earlier this month. Anyway, I thought that you’ll love some sneak peak images from the campaign along with an inspirational message from Beyonce:

”I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies. That’s why I stripped away the wigs and hair extensions and used little makeup for this shoot.”

Copenhagen Fashion Week, once a small affair with little international impact, has grown exponentially over the past few seasons. With brands and shows garnering the cream of the crop of industry insiders, its fashion influence is now hard to deny.

Check out down below some inspiring street style snapshots

Danish designer Reza Etamadi used the catwalk to protest Denmark’s burka ban. The show featured models in burkas and niqabs alongside police officers and took place just one day after Denmark’s full-face veil ban came into effect. In a statement made by Reza, he says: “No man should decide what women should wear.” The fashion show had gained great media attention and received mixed responses on social media.

In addition to designing for Off-WhiteLouis Vuitton and IkeaVirgil Abloh has now teamed-up with Nike for a read-to-wear collection, created as an ode to Serena Williams. The collection is aptly named Queen, which the tennis star will wear upon her return to the US Open. The collection includes a reimagined tennis dress in a tutu style. On Twitter, fans are loving the collection, with one supporter commenting: “my all time queen of the court…playing with style”.

Wikipedia has teamed up with streetwear label Advisory Board Crystals. The collaboration features two long sleeved tees complete with company logos on the sleeve. 100%of the proceeds will go to the Wikimedia Foundation, but the merch modelled on the free online encyclopedia has already sold out. On ABC’s Instagram page, the collab has received a lot of support, though others have expressed their frustration of creating limited quantities. At the moment it’s unknown whether the brand plans to restock.


That’s all for today and for the week that has just passed, I hope the information will prove to be useful in new conversations or will simply feed your curiosities over a cup of coffee.


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