O poveste despre incredere #PicioareDePodium

O poveste despre incredere #PicioareDePodium

I think you already know that I have a crush on professional beauty products and that I am always very careful with the choices related to my beauty & care routine. I also think that we are very lucky to live in these times when beauty can be maintained in a smart way and technology has surpassed the borders to an extent where we can talk about gadgets while also talking about personal care. Let’s get to know each other better by watching this video created in Bucharest with Philips Romania, during “Catwalk feet” campaign. By the end of it, we will find out the story behind the most wanted beauty gadget used for an effective and long term hair removal technique.




What really caught my eye from the very first encounter with this product was the well-structured documentation behind it. For me, this is a guarantee and a first YES. Maybe you did not know, but for over 10 years, Philips has done extensive market research among consumers, which included more than 2,000 women who tested the product with success. Basically, this product allows us to bring the hair removal technology right in our home. Wow! I have to confess, before trying this at home, I’ve also consulted a dermatologist (as I previously mentioned, I am really careful when it comes to my personal care) and I recommend you to do the same if you’re not 100% on board. The confirmation was clear, it’s super safe. In the box we will find the Lumea device, the face accessories, a special accessory for the intimate area, a technical manual, a charger and a carrying pouch. Also, remember how I told you in my first vlog about the fact that the device has a unique wireless design which makes it ideal for treating the areas we need whenever we feel like it. A very important aspect is that Philips Lumea is a complete solution which is ready for use as soon as you pull it out from the box.

There are some things that you should keep in mind, such as the fact that the product is effective on almost all skin types, except on the dark ones, but it is really important for you to have dark hair in order to be sure about the success of the entire process. You can find more details about the product here: www.philips.ro/lumea

So are you wondering how this product works? In short and simple words, it helps removing the unwanted hair from the body, even in the most delicate areas, in our home, through a non-invasive and effective method. Long term results are achieved with perseverance, in a safe and painless environment. This translates into a long wanted break from the hair removal thoughts and appointments at the salon. Cool, right?

Philips uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (pulsed light) derived from a technology which is currently being used in professional beauty studios. As I was mentioning, Philips has adapted this technology for a safe and effective hair removal process in the comfort of your own house. For a smooth skin that you can enjoy every day, Philips Lumea uses these delicate pulses of light to the hair root. As a result, the amount of hair on the body is reduced gradually and the repeated treatment leaves your skin beautiful and hairless, smooth to the touch.

Philips Lumea has five adjustable light energy settings to ensure a gentle but effective treatment. For example, after I picked  the skin type, I have set the light intensity at 4, as the recommendations for my skin type were 4/5. I plan to use it predominantly on my feet (to keep them ready for the catwalk 😛 ), and on my arms. I already had my first session and I am really excited to see the long-term results. As I said, I have seen very good reviews and from all the information I have gathered, I have the feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Philips Lumea is looking for catwalk feet among my readers, so I invite you to be part of this story. I am waiting for your comments about what does it mean for you to trust your feet, your femininity and beauty in general. I will choose the catchiest comment from my point of view, and one of you will win this product and get the chance to test it at the same time with me. Also, at the end of this testing period, there will also be a surprise involved. I’ll give you one hint: You will have the chance to be in the spotlight with me! Stay close and good luck!

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UPDATE: The winner of the contest is Maria Ioan.



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