What’s the thing with my new sleeve tattoo?

What’s the thing with my new sleeve tattoo?

This whole sleeve thing started once with the Alina Ceusan Rocks Gaia party, where I needed more than a rock outfit and Raul came up with the idea of a sleeve that had the potential of completing my look. Said and done, I talked with Carmen from Flash Tattoos Romania – whom I knew already because she was there during the Electric Castle festival – they had a stall with temporary tattoos. I kept my curiosity away from these kind of tattoos, as you know I have some kind of an allergy developed towards all sorts of glue and my last experience with metallic tattoos (Summer Well 2015) ended up with exactly three red dots on my forehead and my hand inflamed in a hamsa shape which lasted for almost one week. However, once I had this idea in my head, there was no point in turning back. This sleeve thing was going to happen. All these ideas were crossing my mind around the 24th of March. Cesar and Nicolas applied my tattoos for the Alina Ceusan Rocks Gaia in Gaby’s kitchen, in Bucharest, before the actual party. Gaby asked me:

  • Weren’t you allergic to these tattoos? I remember that time at Summer Well…
  • I am – I cut her short- but these ones are different, while cutting out the tattoos and thinking about how are they going to look applied on my hand

In the meantime, two things happened, my allergies remained out of the question and I fell in love with the way they look and obviously, I started thinking about applying new designs – the advantage of having temporary tattoos. I directly subscribed to Carmen from Flash and maybe we will start a bigger campaign. These tattoos can last up to 5-7 days, depending on how much you intend to care about the zone where they are applied and the best part is yet to come, they look like the real deal. The #BlackInk collection is inspired from the real tattoos and they can be applied really easy with a wet towel used directly on the tattoo design applied on skin. You just have to make sure that the skin is clean, then you chip out the tattoos according to the desired shape and you build your sleeve as you like it. For a sleeve you are going to need approximately 6 tattoo foils that can be used depending only on your imagination. Now, in Hong Kong, I wanted to try a floral design that was applied almost entirely by myself. Carmen helped me with the back side of my arm and with the shoulder area. Truth be told, it’s good to have a friend next to you, when you need to apply these tattoos in areas that are harder to reach. If you are only aiming for only one small area or extended accessible areas, then you can do it by yourself, it’s peanuts. They also say that the tattoos can be removed with some cotton pads and body oil. This might be working if you have a small tattoo, for me things worked out differently after one week of wearing it. The glue was everywhere  on my hand, refusing to leave and I finally gave up and used alcohol in an attempt of removing them. Anyway, it’s worth the ride and I prepared some photos today where you’ll be able to take a closer look at my floral sleeve. I need to have a chat with Pasca (nr.Andreea Pasca) and ask her about how she removed the tattoo used before the Gaia party (the picture of her tattoo is here ), as a make-up artist I believe she must have some tricks in her #sleeve. A lot of you asked me about these tattoos on Social Media and I hope this blog post will be helpful, especially because summer is coming and so are the festivals, you know .Enjoy the pics.

What I Wore: Nympha Boutique White Romper (soon available) / Flash Tattoos Romania Floral Sleeve / Christian Louboutin Red Patent So Kate 120mm Pumps.





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