Smart Masking with FOREO UFO: some rituals never die

Smart Masking with FOREO UFO: some rituals never die

“An incomparable treatment for smart masks, FOREO UFO combines advanced dermal technologies (Led, cryo, heat) with the formulas of Korean masks for a decadent facial treatment in a matter of seconds. More exactly, 90. Experience the beauty of innovation and transform your complexion with the help of FOREO UFO. “

Some rituals never die. One of my rituals is the face mask. I think this is the first product that kind of made me obsessed  – maybe only FOREO LUNA and its variations were similar, but here we are talking about intense hydration and a #glasskin in 90 seconds. Innovation. About time effectiveness. About FOREO UFO. Which is why I believe that this device is an investment in yourself, in your complexion. I think you already know that I am keen on  enjoying beauty rituals from the comfort of my own house, with less time wasted on the road and beauty studios , so when I can, I say yes to such quick treatments at home and I try to combine more things at once: since installing the bathtub I love taking a bath in the morning, allowing myself to enjoy a proper start – a tea, a mask, good music in the background – a ritual that takes me away from the crazy pace life gets you on sometimes. By the way, did you notice I brought my jungle into the bedroom? (laugh).

Anyway, and whenever I choose to do them, masks of all kinds are my favorites for the intensive treatment that they  offer to my skin and the immediate results (your complexion will appreciate the effort every time). But this time the effort is minimal. So small that it will seem to pass too fast, that you want yet another batch of 90 seconds (what are we even talking about ?!) Every person who uses FOREO UFO has confessed to me that yes, they use the mask twice . for the nice massage that vibration offers you, but also because in a way … it seems to go by really fast. These 90 seconds pass too fast. You know how your skin feels like, for 90 seconds?


What I used here and one of my favorite FOREO masks for UFO is the Make My Day one. This face mask of red algae and hyaluronic acid is exactly what my skin needs to start the day. Make My Day is compatible with both FOREO UFO and FOREO UFO mini.


I know … until now, applying a morning mask was something closed to being considered a SF production, because we never seemed to have enough time. Grab a coffee, get dressed quickly, apply some gloss, mascara, concealer and off you go. But this 90-second FOREO UFO facial treatment leaves the skin super-hydrated, bright and elastic, ready for anything. It is the kind of effect that is instantly visible and used regularly, this device will make you fall in love irretrievably. It’s the kind of ritual that I personally will never give up, especially in the days when I have shootings, filming, events and I know how this mask gives the skin a boost of EVERYTHING – brightness, elasticity, deep hydration, pampering. Read more about FOREO UFO in my introductory article, here. Also see the first unboxing and video testing I filmed with my sister Carla and Carmen.



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