Bloggers wanted! Join me at the GLOW by dm event in Vienna

Bloggers wanted! Join me at the GLOW by dm event in Vienna

When I started this whole blog adventure, I never thought that things could evolve up to this point. I have written and I still write for the love of the process and  because I have thoughts which need to be articulated. Other than what already exists online. I choose my projects very carefully and often I have to decline many proposals either for lack of time or for lack of compatibility. For a long time, I thought my purpose was to have the beautiful side of life, situations, things, and bring it here on the blog through photos, videos and stories – just like I use to name my articles. It’s a blog not a newspaper, so we’re talking about feelings here. But for a while now, after having gone through some difficult moments that have tired me- physically and mentally, I thought it would be better to talk about the less beautiful things. Perhaps this is actually the exercise, to get over the less pleasant situations and days of your life with grace. That’s what makes us people after all. And I decided to write about the less beautiful parts.

Join me at the GLOW by dm event  in Vienna.

Today, however, we are talking about something beautiful. I always thought that in life, to get, you have to give. To give up what you have learned, to convey your way of doing things and pass the craftmanship further, to other people as passionate about a field as you are about yours. I would have liked  a lot like six years ago to have read something like this, to have received such a challenge from a much bigger blogger than me. I am writing to you because I know how much it really matters to have a chance to demonstrate what you can do, through an important collaboration with a big brand.

For all beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers who want to join me in this adventure – no matter for how long you have your blog, if you feel that’s your chance, come with me to Vienna for one of the biggest beauty and beauty events fashion on the German scene – GLOW by dm drogerie markt.

In 2019, everything will be held in the first month of the year in Vienna, and the organizers estimate the presence of over 4,000 people at this event. Like every year, the event uses English, bringing together influencers, artists and people from beauty companies throughout Europe. If you want to join me, please note that you will receive everything from us- from flight ticket, accommodation, meals to event access and special interviews with influencers from all over the world. The “Contest” is open from December 18 until December 30.


What you need to do in order to sign up is to purchase or test a Trend It Up product in the dm stores and then write an article on how would you use the product if you would  participate with me at GLOW by dm in Vienna. Participants will share the blog post on social media channels using the #glowbydm hashtag. The article links will be will also be sent to: [email protected] for registration and participation. In the contest entry, the participants will post the message: Through this article, I participate in the recruitment campaign GLOW by dm drogerie market @AlinaCeusan.


What I Wore: ALINAxCACTUS Green Faux Fur /Adola Lucescu Boots / Urban Outfitters Jeans / Navy Velveteen Turtleneck / Versace Tribute Sunglasses / Sweet Paprika Leather Beanie.

The winner will be chosen by me in collaboration with dm representatives. The winner will be announced on January 10, 2019 on my blog but also on the AC and dm drogerie markt social networks. As I told you, the winner of the contest has the transport, accommodation and meals provided during the event. Departure will take place on the 25th or 26th of January 2019, depending on the schedule of the available flights. So, what are you waiting for?


Learn more about the event here. If you want something visual, you can see it on Youtube, watching the 2017 aftermovie. I hope you’ll enjoy this challenge and you will enroll in a big number. I’m ready to be your mentor on this trip and I’m sure you will learn a great number of new things – not just about the beauty industry, but also about how to make a live campaign, how I work when I’m on the road (basically – most of the time) and how you can work more efficient in order to get professional results withing the shortest time. Learn more about GLOW con, here:


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