FALL GETAWAY: The Brukenthal Gardens

FALL GETAWAY: The Brukenthal Gardens



  The story of Brukenthal Avrig palace, with his paths traded by ages and by the old trees and along with the people that I have met there, dedicated and always ready to enhance the tourist experience, also the enchanting atmosphere, have inspired me to shoot four different outfit looks, related to four pieces from the magical history of the palace. Let’s go together through these fragments, at the end of this article I have a contest for you, a journey.

 Samuel von Brukenthal is one of the most important figures of the Saxon history and he actually held the position of Transylvania governor. Born in 1721, in Norich, near Sibiu, considered one of the wealthiest people in Transylvania at that time, Samuel von Brukenthal invests tenth of his fortune in art and books so that his heritage will consist of 13000 volumes, 1300 paintings and 800 engravings. They were taken over by the highschool belonging to the church, right after the disappearance of the male successors in the family, in 1872. The summer residence garden of the palace has a late baroque design, with numerous insertions of English and French garden landscapes. Thanks to this unique settlement, at the very base of Carpathians, on the shore of Olt river and his wealthy horticulture, the park, that has over 200 years now, was known back in the XVIIIth century as the “Health fountain” or the “Transylvanian Heaven”. In a young lady’s diary, you could find the following: “The English portions of land were so pleasant and so chilly for walks”. You could also find there “a bathing place […] surrounded by trees with intertwined branches that form a kiosk around them”. These words from the diary can immediately take you back in time and the oriel with white curtains invites you to enjoy a breakfast on the terrace. While reading and relaxing in this space you can also notice behind you an overshadowed alley of secular trees who continue in line until they reach the fountain in the back.




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With a trip from Sibiu to Vienna that lasted up to 11 days, the Baron had enough time to write letters for the people back in Avrig, telling them about how the gardens should be taken care of and what are the changes that he was planning to make upon his return. For example, in the hedge, he asked for cherry, hazelnuts and truffles trees, but also raspberries and gooseberries. At the same time, blueberries had to be grown all over the big alleys.






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In old days, in the greenhouse for pineapples were grown other plants as well, such as “queen of the night”, whose prosperity was announced in advance by the gardener – “after sunset, a splendid flower will open, but it will be in bloom only that night; the next day … it will return to nothingness or before, with a cup of white lily, which because of its beauty cannot be seen and admired enough. “









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 Due to its location in the mountains, this place is suitable for a recovery stay and this visit was a moment of disconnection and tranquility for me, as I have found my inspiration in the alleys described in books and memoirs; a ride through these gardens can bring you peace when you stop for a few moments to admire the ambition, the desires and the work of a man complete and complex, as was Samuel. Of course, my first thought as soon as I entered the gate area – “this place must be magic when the autumn’s colors change.” Before getting of the car, I decided to come back here for the third time this fall, just to spend a relaxing and full of magic weekend. I got something on my mind and I will do it.





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 The park which was created by him [Samuel] was often admired and compared to Schonbrunn park, being mentioned by Sigerus in 1992, in the Sibiu city chronic.Time seems to have passed in a flash over the historic buildings that have been preserved almost unaltered and like a normal consequence, this castle was protected and declared a historical monument in 1990. Despite the many changes that have occurred over time, this place remains a huge cultural and artistic significance to Transylvania. Finally, I think there is nothing more pleasant than an autumn evening spent on the terrace at Avrig with the right people and a delicious dinner. A glass of wine, soft music, a few candles on the table, a thick blanket and a lot of history. The Sunday surprise comes along now, and I announce you that you can win a relaxing weekend at the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig. You just have to leave a comment in the section below and tell me who would be the person that you would take with you on this journey. Along with that, you also have to follow their recently launched Instagram account @palatulbrukenthal, here They are killing me with the boletus, to be honest. I’m craving only by thinking about it…#yum.

The contest is open for the next 10 days, on the 28th of September and the winner will decide upon his/her journey details depending on the plans scheduled for the autumn months.I am impatiently waiting for your comments because each and every one of us needs a break every now and then and this place, I promise you, it’s magical.

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Photos by Raluca Ciornea


Castigatoarea a fost aleasa astazi, 29.09.2016, prin random.org, iar numele ei este Diana Diaconu. Diana ne-a scris ca vrea sa ii faca o surpriza celei mai bune prietene pentru ca amandoua isi doresc sa ajunga la Palatul Brukenthal Avrig. Felicitari Diana, sper sa va bucurati de aceasta escapada! Multumim tuturor pentru inscrieri, a fost o placere sa citesc comentariile voastre, pe parcursul celor 10 zile de concurs. Have a great day!




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