When I’m with you all I get is wild thoughts

When I’m with you all I get is wild thoughts


Right now while I’m writing, I’m on a plane to Bucharest. On Saturday we’re leaving for Paris at the Lollapaloza festival to see The Weekend concert and on Sunday we return to Cluj for one of the most anticipated summer concerts, namely – Depeche Mode. When I look at the timetable for the month that follows, it is clear that I have to calculate my time in Cluj down to seconds. A few nights ago we went out to dinner and stood in front of the table, we realized we had not been out  and about in the town for a very long time and suddenly we remembered how much we enjoy the summer, outside, the evenings … The truth is that many times in the evening, after a long day, all you want is to stay home and relax at a serial. This time, however, I left.

Sitting at the two-person table on the Bricks restaurant terrace, we were getting good evening air. The Terrace at Bricks has something special because it’s just above the river and the boom of the water that passes under the bridge resonates in a circular motion across the terrace and relaxes you. I ordered pasta and enjoyed the moment. We talked a told a lot and did not order desert.

The next evening, we went for a Desperados on the balcony. The traffic was quiet, outside was warm and beautiful, and you could not stay in the house. The hot asphalt of the day had raised a wave of warmth on the streets of Cluj, which were now scalded in a “pink powder” light. The sky was blazing, in very contrasting pastels. The city was spreading and spreading lazily against the background of a pale pink sky summer. We felt that this summer has given us so many beautiful sunsets that every day deserves at least a hill climb with a Desperados to see how the sun goes down. There is something magical at the time when the sun reaches the skyline to the horizon and disappears leaving behind a color show. That something floats in the air and gives another valence to the moment you are experiencing. Time seems passes in a different way.

What I Wore: #MojaByAlinaCeusan FESTIVAL SERIES ’17 Fringed Suede Leather Mini Skirt / Dorian Popa Shop Red Leather Corset / Ocko Shop White Shirt (worn backwards and off shoulders) / Flash Tattoos Sleeve / Furla Metropolis Jungle Toni Rubino Bag (Baneasa Shopping City) / Vintage Sunglasses (Second Hand, Cluj Napoca) – I found something similar, click here.

In the short time I have left when I am not writing, editing, mounting and posting – when I’m with him, I feel like I forget about everything. Because in fact, love and affection is actually ‘something’ that man lusts for all his life. The kind of moments when you either travel, cook, watch a movie – but there’s just the two of you. You forget everything that surrounds you. For a few moments you can forget that you’ve ever had other friends. For a moment you can remain in a latent state of happiness. Because then, at that moment, there is only you. D-desperado – one after each other .


Background music: Dj Khaled – Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller



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