What’s Next: #acgoestogreece

What’s Next: #acgoestogreece

MUSIC: David Stewart – Silly Boy (Prod by Sango)

 It’s hard to believe that I’ve never been to Greece before. On the 18th of June though, we’ll be getting on board for an awesome adventure: we’ll see the Saronic islands. We’ll be in a different gulf every day, on a different beach and every day we will wake up with a different view. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, so I can’t wait to sail away with Party Sails. I’ve worn this outfit a few days ago, on a rainy day, in which I’ve been running errands, so a comfy outfit was a must have. I was wearing an oversized jean jacket from H&M Studio, a pair of jeans with history – my first pair of skinny jeans, that I bought with my mom and I’ve been wearing them until they ripped. I got them fixed, got rid of the high waist, if I’m not wrong these jeans also saw the Peninsula festival, yet I simply can’t give up on them. Somehow I keep stumbling upon them – either in my wardrobe, or in Carla’s, in Mures. It’s obvious, these jeans need to stick with me. Also from the “comfy cool items” series – a pair of sneakers with Great Britain’s flag, from Celdes. Celdes is a company with Greek origins, founded in Patras. Now they’re selling sneakers imprinted with all the destinations in the world. We will visit them in Athens, so we have that to look forward to, too. You can find the ones I’m wearing here, with a red tassel from Atelier Eclat Pekin, and the casual shirt is from Zara Basic. Meanwhile, I’m spending my evenings reading about the islands we’re going to visit in Greece, if you’ve been there, I’m waiting for your recommendations: where we can eat traditional food, where we’ll find the most beautiful views and the places we can’t miss. You must keep in mind that I want to take the most gorgeous photos, all for you. Kisses, enjoy the look.







What I Wore: H&M Denim Jacket | Super-old jeans of mine | CELDES Sneakers (UK Flag) | Zara Basic Shirt | Atelier Eclat Pekin Chocker. Join the Party Sails crew here.


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