Hong Kong Vibes

Hong Kong Vibes

  A couple of days ago I posted a quote “One day or Day one – you decide”, along with my favorite trigger: “What have you done today to accomplish your dream?” In the meantime, I realized that dreams only come true when your thought is always “there” and the fight for what you want is a constant state of mind and action. 

  These last weeks have been completeley crazy, I left Cluj Napoca for London and the show organized by Joshua Kane, two days later I returned and left again for Milan where I remained for one week. We arrived back home, we returned to Bucharest for two days, then back home. I am not done yet, a new flight for Bucharest was waiting, where we had the Alina Ceusan Rocks Gaia party but also the Istanbul and Hong Kong flight – I had already lost track of my own luggage: should I pack or unpack now? All these things happened so fast and I can’t really remember how February turned into March and how march is turning now into April. We are 8253 km away from home, this time in Hong Kong.  I would have loved to tell you about the great weather but it would have been a lie. It feels like we are at home, even worse, the humidity around here makes our hair go bananas #ThatsGonBeAnIssue. We came here for the new Nympha collection and the shirt from the pictures below is part of the capsule. You are going to love what’s next, so #StayTuned. Today I want to ask you, wherever your are, what have you done for your dream today? In the meantime, we are working on a new vlog episode – Hong Kong. Stay tuned. Aim high. Dream big. Below, you’ll find a fresh spring outfit. Enjoy. And yes, the song on the background is Carmen’s latest obsession.

What I Wore: Nympha Boutique Shirt (soon available) / Answear.ro Jeans / Marzo Shoes Nude Platform Sandals / Flash Tattoos Sleeve / Motivi Accessories.


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