We went to the Crystal Wonderland Party by Swarovski

We went to the Crystal Wonderland Party by Swarovski

What are you supposed to do when you get an invitation to one of the hottest MFW parties from Swarovski? You are preparing a bright and banish date in the calendar, the first thing. Today I want to tell you how it was at Crystal Wonderland Party, the party Swarovski held at a castle near Milan to celebrate their annual holiday campaign.

After a long day of presentations, we took dinner at Lu Bar, one of the restaurants recommended by the blog (now the magazine) The Blonde Salad, after which we ran home to prepare for the party. All of us, me – Carmen and Anca have worn creations from LouLou (@loulouthebrand) and went to the place where Swarovski had invited us officially. Here we were expected by some black cars sent by the Swarovski team to take us to Villa Gernetto, the castle located at a 40 minutes drive from Milan.

When we got there, we were greeted by a huge Christmas tree decorated with Swarovski elements and photos on the social media accounts of the 16-star campaign, so it was clearly in the spotlight. For a few hours we felt like December is already here.

This year’s campaign is under the sign, or better said #BrillianceForAll hashtag. Through the #BrillianceForAll Swarovski campaign, they reaffirm their belief in diversity and urge everyone to shine in their own way as the 16 stars they have chosen for the campaign, including Naomi Campbell, Chiara Ferragni, Karlie Kloss, Ruby Rose , Maye Musk, or Fei Fei Sun, who express exactly this feeling.

We drank prosecco, socialized and danced listening to Boy George’s rhythms. I admired every detail of Villa Gernetto’s palace and how it was transformed for this party, we spent the evening together with Chiara, Karlie, Alessandra, Naomi and who knows other other celebrities in this world and we felt good. At the end of the evening I think that’s all that matters. I’ll leave you a short video from the event that I hope will take you there, at Crystal Wonderland Party, with us.


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