MFW – Baldinini’s SS 2020 Collection

MFW – Baldinini’s SS 2020 Collection


More black, more colour: yellow, orange, turquoise, fuchsia; the shoes echo the ancient spirit of African lands, technological curiosities with an urban flavour keep popping up, they play with a personal interpretation of pop art: the season is open and unfurls with all its energy in Baldinini’s SS 2020 collection.
The icon reinvents itself: the models are inspired by clothes with graphics and up-to-date colours, maintaining the legendary signature of the brand as an indispensable must and livening it up thanks to a combination of contrasts between different allusions that mix together and freely unfurl, contaminating each other to create new and unexpected looks.

The joyous and sunny longing for Africa brings a wave of warm energy to an inexhaustible metropolitan vein that doesn’t leave out cyber and contemporary aspects: the result is a unique aesthetic vision that combines strong and artisanal leathers with animal prints – python above all – with natural leather, raffia and mesh, and sublimates them using smooth and satin-finish metallized surfaces, like mirror or metallic coconut.

The ultra-feminine shapes of nude sandals and captivating mules favour ethnic and spicy colours: they are the intense burgundies, cigar browns, oranges and rich yellows of the African expanses lit up by silver and gold; they are the allures of the writing and digital universe that are printed on mesh and caress the foot. And more still, traditional African prints mix with urban details thanks to the technical metallic closures and the rubberised workmanship that epitomise the deliberately soft cyber inspiration.

The sport factor but with a feminine slant: a light and spirited offering, which makes its own an almost playful inspiration thanks to the use of pastel hues – pink, light blue, aquamarine, light salmon – paired with black & white graphics and transparent vinyl details. The silhouettes are delicate and precise, the heights drift between the flat and the stiletto but without sacrificing the comfort offered by the softness of the textures and the precision of the forms, all seasoned with nude effect cuts and mesh. The sportier models favour hyper-technological logo ribbons and rubber bottoms; the sneakers – rubber bottomed; and still more, sandals with cascades of rhinestones on the upper and on the closures, epitomising lively creativity.

Elegance, according to Baldinini, looks like very high heels – clean and slender, on slim and aggressive shapes – or favours sandals with a 70s club flavour, reinterpreting them with rubber coatings: an offering dedicated to a luminous and sparkling woman, who chooses couture that is both gritty and sophisticated. The taste, with a constantly evolving contemporary aesthetic, takes the shape of sculpted heels with clean and defined lines, with a strong design component, that favours the use of glossy enamels or metallic inserts, together with soft patent leather and reflective surfaces. And finally all-over glitter, sequin work and rhinestone decorations for a super-feminine and decidedly glamorous nightlife.


Also, check here a sneak peak from the FW Collection of Baldinini, currently available on their website:


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